Family Sues Comcast Over Home Invasion in Contract Dispute

contract disputeA Washington couple is filing a lawsuit against Comcast after the plaintiffs claim that their home security system failed, thus resulting in the near-killing of the couple’s teenage son. According to the product liability lawsuit, the couple alleges that Comcast’s security system failed to act as promised, and they claim that Comcast’s negligence left them vulnerable on what could have been a fatal evening.

According to the boy’s mother, the family moved into the Kirkland home in September 2013 and always purchased security systems for their properties. After contacting Comcast, the technician certified the residence to be “intruder-proof,” but just one short month later, two men broke into the basement window. The couple’s 18-year-old son was allegedly taken from his bed and tortured as the two intruders attempted to cut off the boy’s leg and arm, according to police. The mother stated that her son was covered with gashes from head to toe and was in the worst possible situation in which a mother wants to see her child.

Lawsuit Results in Contract Dispute

Now, the couple is in the midst of a contract dispute with Comcast and the company’s contractor, Pioneer Cable. According to the product liability lawsuit, the family argues that Comcast promised them a “secure network” and that both the “away” and “stay” functions would keep the motion detector in the basement active. According to the plaintiffs, this is why the company did not take care to arm the basement window. The mother claims that she specifically asked why the company did not place sensors on the window at the time of installation, and in hindsight, the plaintiffs acknowledge that the motion detector was not turned on. However, Comcast’s contract waives all liability.

According to the plaintiffs’ lawyer, if Comcast’s argument were accepted, that would mean that the company could install simple, plain boxes throughout the residence and call it a security system. When something goes wrong, the company simply states that it never promised that it would work. Comcast, with regards to the contract dispute, maintains that its product was properly functioning, but it did send its sympathies to the family for the trauma that had taken place that evening.

Much like the Comcast case, it is important to seek legal counsel if you are in the midst of a contract dispute or if you believe that you have been injured or lost a loved one due to a product that malfunctioned or did not perform as promised. You may be able to seek damages for any injuries, losses, or deaths that occurred as a result of the alleged product defect.

Do You Have a Product Liability Case?

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