GM Faulty Ignition Recall News: GM Fined $35 Million by US DoT

GM faulty ignition recallOn May 16, 2014, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it was fining General Motors its maximum penalty of $35 million for delaying a GM faulty ignition recall. In 2013, GM posted $3.8 billion in profits and $155.4 billion in revenue. The DOT announced the fine in a press release and stated that GM will also be obligated to pay further civil penalties for neglecting to respond in a timely manner to the DOT’s document demands during the GM faulty ignition recall investigation launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The U.S. Transportation Secretary stated that safety is the agency’s top priority, and the issuing of the maximum fine allowed by law will place all manufacturers and auto makers on notice that they will also be held responsible if they fail to quickly report and adequately address possible safety-related defects. While the agency claims that it will continue to aggressively monitor the auto maker’s efforts with respect to the GM faulty ignition recall, it is also urging Congress to support a Grow America Act, which would allow the maximum penalty to increase from $35 million to $300 million, thus sending an even stronger message that delays and postponements will not be tolerated.

The GM faulty ignition recall alone affects 2.6 million cars throughout the U.S, and recent reports indicate that additional recalls will be forthcoming from the automaker. The reported defect in the ignition systems of specific GM models have reportedly caused the cars to turn off while in motion, thus disabling the cars’ airbags. The issue, which GM allegedly knew about for more than 10 years, has prompted a GM faulty ignition recall of cars dating back to model year 2003.

In April 2014, the new CEO of GM answered questions and addressed concerns brought forth by Congress pertaining to the GM ignition recall and the company’s apparent neglect to inform consumers and public safety organizations about the recall. At the hearing, the CEO apologized to the families of those who had allegedly been injured or killed due to the defect.

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