GM Ignition Switch Recall Update

People alleging injury, as well as family members of persons allegedly killed in accidents linked to the GM ignition switch recall have submitted claims in advance of a deadline. Meanwhile, others question whether earlier claimants were unduly forced to settle their claims in the wake of GM’s 2009 bankruptcy.

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GM Ignition Switch Recall GM ignition switch recall

According to reports, faulty ignition switches on small GM cars caused them to slip out of the “on” position while the car was in motion, leading to stalling and deactivation of the power steering and power brakes. In addition, airbags reportedly did not deploy after the ignition switch failed, causing more injuries and deaths. Court documents suggest GM was aware of the problem for more than a decade, yet did not issue the GM ignition switch recall until 2014.

Claims Received in Advance of Deadline

According to sources close to the GM ignition switch recall, at least 4,180 claims were received by the January 31 claims deadline, including more than 1,100 received the week of the deadline. 51 deaths have reportedly been linked to ignition switch failures in GM vehicles. Persons injured and the families of those killed are eligible for compensation from a fund set up by the company. Experts say it could be months before the compensation expert responsible for determining claimants’ eligibility can work through all of the claims. Approximately 12 percent of the more than 4,000 filed were determined to be ineligible for compensation, while 965 have deficient information. More than 1,500 were turned in without documentation, leaving more than 1,100 under review.

Bankruptcy Protection

Lawmakers and family members are questioning whether some were forced to settle rather than risk being unable to sue because of GM’s 2009 bankruptcy agreement, which sent any pre-bankruptcy crash claims to “Old GM,” a company with few assets. Many lawyers allege GM hid the ignition switch defect, deceiving the bankruptcy court. GM is asking the court to enforce the agreement. Experts allege GM was aware of the issue that caused the GM ignition switch recall for nearly a decade before it became public knowledge, and they should be held accountable for injuries and deaths.

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