Lawsuits: Syngenta GMO Corn Cost U.S. Farmers Millions

Corn farmers, with the assistance of a GMO corn lawyer, have filed lawsuits against seed maker Syngenta claiming that the decision to release genetically modified corn into the U.S. market caused them financial losses and other damages. Corn lawsuits allege that the total cost may have been as high as $3 billion.

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$3 Billion in Losses Claimed by Stakeholders

Thousands of corn farmers are seeking damages from Syngenta, alleging that the company’s decision to release genetically modified corn into the U.S. market caused them severe financial losses. According to The Indianapolis Star, the lawsuits claim that Syngenta sold U.S. farmers a GMO corn seed despite knowing that it was not yet approved for export into China, a major corn market. After officials in China discovered traces of GMO corn in U.S. shipments in 2013, they cut off all trade. The resulting domestic surplus cut corn prices in half, costing farmers and other stakeholders an estimated $3 billion.

Syngenta claims that its actions were lawful and that exporters also bear responsibility for failing to prevent the shipping of GMO corn to China. According to the lawsuits however, Syngenta understated China’s key role as a corn importer and led farmers to believe that the country would approve GMO corn imports by 2012. Furthermore, Syngenta allegedly chose to sell GMO seeds in the U.S. despite knowing that this could adversely affect even farmers who didn’t use the seeds, the website reported.

How a Syngenta GMO Corn Lawyer Can Help

Farmers who have lost money as a result of Syngenta selling genetically engineered corn seed are filing Syngenta GMO corn lawsuits. Whether or not a farmer used GMO corn seed, their harvest may have been contaminated, rejected or sold at a lower price as a result of Syngenta’s actions. Plaintiffs include exporters, corn farmers, brokers, grain silos, resellers and others involved in the corn chain of distribution. Corn farmers who did not use Syngenta corn seed may also be able to pursue a claim.

People who have been affected by Syngenta GMO corn are encouraged to seek the advice of a qualified Syngenta GMO corn lawyer so that they can be informed of their legal rights.

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