Google at Risk of Class-Action Lawsuits for Hiding Google+ Security Flaw

Google is under fire for hiding a major security flaw in its’ social network, Google+, that may have exposed the personal information of nearly half a million users. According to several sources, the security flaw had been exposing users’ information since 2015, until Google finally discovered it in March of this year.

The glitch was patched as soon as it was detected, but the damage may have already been done. To make matters worse, executives at Google decided not to report the incident to users. Now, the company is not only facing public backlash, but they could also be subject to class-action lawsuits for the security bug, itself, and for failing to notify users’ whose personal information may have been exposed.

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About the Google+ Security Bug

The security flaw at the center of this controversy allowed third-party developers, such as apps that can integrate with your Gmail email account, to access Google+ users private information, including email address, birth date, relationship status, occupation, former addresses, and more. In all, over 400 apps may have had access to user data that should have been kept private.

At first, Google executives chose not to disclose the data breach. Admittedly, they feared regulatory inspection and repercussions. Google claimed that, to their knowledge, none of the breached data had been misused by the third-party developers who had access to it.

Then, on October 8, 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported on the data breach and disclosed Googles plans to make sweeping privacy reforms. Google hastily made their own announcement just minutes after the WSJ article was published online.

The first class-action lawsuit over the breach was filed the day after the WSJ published their article. Two men proposed a class-action lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco on October 9, 2018.

 Consumer Rights

The proposed lawsuit alleges that Googles security breach, and failure to notify users, is a clear case of negligence, an invasion of privacy, and a violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law, among others.

If you were a Google+ member between 2015 and March 2018, you may have similar legal recourse. Having your personal information exposed puts you at risk of identity theft and fraud. Fortunately, the law provides several rights and remedies to consumers whose privacy was invaded, including data breaches, like that of Google+.

First, most states have laws mandating that companies who expose personal information and data send letters or emails to all users who may have been affected. Google failed to do so after they discovered their security flaw.

Second, there are several federal laws that provide remedies to consumers who are injured by data breaches, to include monetary relief.

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