Hip Replacement Symptoms Mystery Solved by “House” Episode

hip replacement symptomsHip Replacement Symptoms Due to Hip Replacement Failure

Insight and wisdom can come from the strangest of places. Problems inside the human body can also manifest for numerous reasons. Recently, two individuals were afflicted with severe hip replacement symptoms that left doctors baffled.

A man from Germany was struck with several symptoms that, at the time, he did not know were hip replacement symptoms showing due to hip replacement failure- a fever for unknown reasons, low thyroid hormone levels, and an inflamed esophagus. His loss of vision was so extreme it nearly made him blind and his hearing suffered similarly. The most significant of his hip replacement symptoms was loss of heart function. It was so weak it could not pump hard enough to circulate his blood. Doctors felt it may have been coronary artery disease but the man’s arteries checked out fine.

The second case involves a woman from Denver, Colorado. Her initial hip replacement symptoms began with swelling in her abdomen, arms, and legs. A CT scan should a collection of fluid around her heart that was promptly drained. Normally, these symptoms would indicate an enlarged heart; but her heart was normal. She was plagued with weakness that persisted until her heart began to fail. After that point, she required a heart transplant. Still, doctors had no idea at this point that the symptoms were symptoms caused by a hip replacement failure.

Discovery For The Patients

The answer that eluded a majority of the treating physicians of these two people was actually found in an episode of the American television series “House,” which is based on the character of an eccentric doctor played by English actor Hugh Laurie. The real-life German hip replacement patient was transferred to the University of Marburg clinic under the care of one Dr. Juergen R. Schaefer who specializes in puzzling cases. Dr. Schaefer also happened to be a huge fan of “House”, even going so far as to use the show in his teaching. He soon realized that the symptoms the German exhibited were strikingly similar to hip replacement symptoms in Season 7, Episode 11 of “House”.

The fictional patient had suffered from heart failure due to cobalt poisoning from an artificial metal hip. Testing on the German patient revealed cobalt levels 1000x higher than what would have been considered normal. Dr. Schaefer speculated that removal of a failed ceramic hip might have tiny pieces in the patient’s body that wore away at the metal replacement like sandpaper.

The diagnosis of the Colorado woman came after her orthopedist ran routine blood tests and found her cobalt levels to be 300x higher than normal. It was then that the orthopedist realized it was due to the pair of artificial metal hips the woman had.

In both cases- the metal hips were replaced with ceramic ones. Both had their cobalt levels return to normal but much damage was done before that. The German man’s sight and hearing remain severely degraded and the Colorado woman must still live with the restrictions imposed by her heart transplant.

The Need For Hip Replacement Attorneys In These Cases

Aside from the life-imitating-art aspects of these patients’ cases, they are also good examples of the benefit a hip replacement attorney can provide a patient. In both cases, the patients have been severely affected by an artificial, metal hip replacement. They most likely have actionable cases due to their pain and suffering, the negative impact on their life and well-being, and the direct correlation to the artificial metal implants. A hip replacement attorney could use the facts of these cases to help the patients pursue monetary damages.

One simply cannot know what complications may arise from having a foreign objected implanted in the human body. Many may be safe, but metal poisoning from increased cobalt levels can lead to organ damage, in addition to other potential complications from hip replacements. Be certain to consult with a physician about the risk and a hip replacement attorney about legal rights.

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