Husqvarna Recall Results in Defective Product Questions

Husqvarna recallIn mid-August, 2013, a Husqvarna recall was issued after a product was found to be unsafe. The Husqvarna recall affected only about 260 motorbikes, but for those who own one, the repair is quite simple. The manufacturer will provide a free repair during a mutually scheduled appointment time. However, many people do not check for recalls of the items they own, and should an injury occur because Husqvarna recall is unknown to them, they will hopefully realize it is a defective product and call an attorney.

The Husqvarna recall is one of many hundreds made in any given year, and many injuries, and even deaths, happen because of the defective product at fault. Regardless if it is the faulty throttle cable as in the Husqvarna recall, or something else in another defective product, calling and engaging the assistance of an attorney can help injured consumers and their loved ones in the event of someone’s injury or death.Attorney Group can inform a consumer of their rights, should they or someone they know be injured by a defective product. Many times a defective product is not known to be defective by the person who owns it, so he or she continues to use it. Many companies do not inform everyone who owns their defective product, and this can increase the company’s liability. That is why it is crucial on the company’s part to try to inform as many consumers as possible.Also, like the defective throttle in the Husqvarna recall, many times it is something very simple and easily repaired that can, and too often does, cause serious bodily harm and injuries, including death. But without the repair, the product is dangerous, and the company is still liable for any injuries or damages that their product causes.

If you have been injured by a defective product, it can be overwhelming looking for answers on your legal options or even finding the right attorney if you wish to pursue a claim. This is why those injured should call Attorney Group instead. They will answer questions, and match injured people with an attorney in their area. The attorney will help pursue the compensation the injured person or his or her family is seeking.

When a person is injured by a product that is defective, regardless if there is a recall of the item, it is extremely important that an attorney be retained to protect the rights of the individual or family affected. Under no circumstances, should a waiver or rights assignment be signed with the defective product’s company, manufacturer or supplier without the consumer being made fully aware of what their rights are and that they are being treated fairly. To make sure you are informed after a defective product injury, contact Attorney Group today to get your questions answered at no charge.