IKEA Lamp Recall Issued After Child Death Reported

IKEA lamp recallIn order to determine whether you have a valid product liability lawsuit, it is crucial to first understand the cases which fall into this category. Dangerous or defective products are, unfortunately, the cause of thousands of injuries in the U.S. each year, and product liability law helps to hold a seller or manufacturer accountable for releasing a defective and unreasonable dangerous product into the public market. Most recently, an IKEA lamp recall was issued in December 2013 to remove allegedly hazardous lamps from residences after several injuries and one death were reported.

If you believe you have been affected by the IKEA lamp recall, or if you would like more information about another product liability claim, contact Attorney Group today. You may be entitled to seek compensation from the manufacturer for your injuries, including pain and suffering, loss of income or medical expenses.

IKEA Lamp Recall

The IKEA lamp recall includes several styles of children’s wall-mounted lamps, including its STJARNA (star), MANE (moon), BLOMMA (pink flower and white flower), HJARTA (heart), BAGGE (ladybug), SNACKA (seashell) and SJOHAST (seahorse). The manufacturer is reportedly supplying consumers with self-adhesive fasteners at no cost so that parents may attach the lamp’s cord directly to the wall.

According to reports, a 15-month-old child and a 16-month-old child were in their cribs when they became tangled in the cords. One child was nearly strangled to death while the other unfortunately died. In both cases, the children were able to pull the cords into the crib and subsequently became entwined. The IKEA lamp recall is urging consumers to remove the lamps until they are able to install the repair kit provided by IKEA.

Product Liability Lawsuits

The IKEA lamp recall is the second involving children becoming strangled by cords. Angelcare announced in November 2013 that it would be recalling sound and movement baby monitors after receiving reports of two deaths. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is asking adults to keep all cords three feet away from cribs and bedding in order to reduce the risk of injury and death.

In these cases, the manufacturer had the legal responsibility to ensure that the products were safely manufactured and that the devices did not pose an unreasonable risk of harm to consumers. However, design defects such as cords that are too long or that pose a strangulation risk with no way to secure the excess cord may allow consumers to file product liability lawsuits and seek compensation for injuries allegedly caused by the defects.

Additionally, plaintiffs may also be able to present evidence that there was an alternative design that, had it been implemented, would have prevented the risk of death or injury while using the products. If you would like to learn more about the IKEA lamp recall or if you feel that you have a valid product liability lawsuit, Attorney Group can help you today. We are currently representing injured victims against manufacturers of tires, ladders, appliances, prescription medications, vehicles, cribs and more.

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