Over 33,000 Patients Have Been Notified of Possible InterMed Data Breach

InterMed, P.A. has determined that a possible data breach occurred after an unknown attacker may have gained access to protected health information through a sophisticated email phishing scheme. According to reports, over 33,000 patients have been notified of the security incident.

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Spectrum Healthcare Partners Discovered Breach After Employee’s Email Account Was Wrongfully Accessed

On September 6, 2019, InterMed, P.A. discovered a possible cyber attack after an email account of one of its employees was hacked through an email phishing scheme. An internal investigation revealed that the employee’s account was compromised two days earlier, on September 4, 2019.

In addition to the initial attack, a third-party forensic firm determined that three other employee email accounts had been accessed from September 7 to September 10, 2019. Patients potentially affected by the email attack were notified via letter beginning in early November 2019.

Information potentially exposed as a result of the email scheme may include:

  • Patients’ names
  • Dates of birth
  • Health insurance information
  • Some clinical information
  • Social Security numbers (for a very limited number of patients)

Founded in 1993, InterMed is a physician-owned medical group serving primary care patients in Southern Maine through their practice sites in Portland, South Portland, and Yarmouth. InterMed’s healthcare services include specialty and ancillary services in audiology, laboratory testing, radiology, diagnostic imaging, as well as therapeutic services, such as physical therapy. Other specialty physician services include cardiology, dermatology, ear nose & throat, OB/GYN, and sports medicine.

Individuals Affected by an InterMed Data Breach May Be Entitled to Compensation

Patients who are affected by data breaches possibly face serious problems. When protected health information is wrongfully accessed, those affected could become a victim of identity fraud and may have to pay to receive a credit report to check on fraudulent charges.

If you are a Maine resident who sought or received primary healthcare services whose protected health information was compromised as a result of a potential phishing scheme, contact Attorney Group to learn about your options. If protected information was indeed compromised, individuals who have been affected by a InterMed data breach may be entitled to compensation for their losses.

In addition, the responsible party may be liable for financial losses resulting from a data breach. Those affected are encouraged to seek legal counsel from an attorney familiar with data breaches and other security incidents to get more information about their rights and remedies.

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