Jeep Fuel Tank Recall Update

Despite a June 2013 Jeep fuel tank recall, more than 70 deaths have been linked to accidents involving exploding Jeep fuel tanks, according to news reports. Reportedly, only an estimated 12 percent of the affected vehicles have been repaired in the past 18 months following the recall, notes fuel tank recall attorneys.

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Jeep Fuel Tank Recall OverviewJeep Fuel Tank Recall

According to reports, rear-mounted Jeep fuel tanks have little structure to protect them from impacts, making them susceptible to punctures and fires. As moving the gas tank in front of the vehicle’s axle would be difficult and expensive, Chrysler’s reported fix involves the installation of trailer hitches behind the Jeeps as an additional layer of protection. Testing performed by the government found the hitches did protect the tanks in collisions up to 40 miles per hour when stationary Jeeps were rear-ended, but they failed to provide protection at higher speeds.

Jeep owners have reported difficulties repairing their vehicles, according to sources. Since the announcement of the Jeep fuel tank recall, more than 840 people have submitted complaints to the U.S. government that Chrysler dealers did not have replacement hitches available, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Reportedly, only 12 percent of the affected vehicles had been repaired as of January 14, 2015, despite two letters sent from the NHTSA in which the agency demanded that the automaker move faster. More than 1.3 million Jeeps are believed to still on the road with potentially dangerous and vulnerable gas tanks. In response, Chrysler is offering $150 gift cards for parts and accessories as well as free oil changes to Jeep owners.

The auto maker may be facing as many as 40 legal claims and lawsuits over the Jeeps fuel tank explosions and has already settled some these cases out of court.

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