Lenovo Spyware Class Action Lawsuits Filed

122584470PCWorld is reporting on class action lawsuits filed against Chinese computer maker Lenovo for selling consumer personal computers containing adware that, according to a related article, “hackers could potentially use to steal sensitive data like banking credentials or just observe your web surfing activities.”

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Lenovo Admits Selling Computers With Spyware Installed

According to PCWorld:

Superfish has been shipping on Lenovo PCs since at least mid-2014. In late January, Lenovo said in a support forum post that it was temporarily removing Superfish from consumer laptops due to unspecified “issues.”

Why this matters: Shipping PCs with pre-installed software, also known as crapware or bloatware, is nothing new for Windows users. But usually this software is a free trial of anti-virus software, a productivity suite, or maybe a game. Lenovo’s adware installation takes the crapware game to a whole other level by creating an unnecessary vulnerability in new PCs.

Although the purported purpose of Superfish is to facilitate the delivering of advertisements to consumers based on internet activity, the program makes users susceptible to “phishing” attacks where they are directed to fraudulent websites that can be used to steal personal information.

Although Lenovo acknowledges installing Superfish only on “select consumer-grade machines[, a] report by Myce from January said the adware was found on Lenovo Y50, Z40, Z50, G50, and Yoga 2 Pro laptops.” According to PCWorld: “If you’ve recently bought a Lenovo laptop, there’s a good chance your PC has Superfish pre-installed.”

For consumers who have recently purchased a Lenovo computer, PCWorld offers a guide to removing the Superfish program.

Lenovo Spyware Class Action Lawsuits

4329911596_a861d20f34_bPCWorld also notes that consumer class action lawsuits have been filed against Lenovo, accusing the company of fraudulent business practices and invasion of privacy. As the scope of the installation of spyware on Lenovo computers becomes clearer, it is anticipated that additional class action and individual lawsuits will be filed by and on behalf of affected consumers.

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