TVM Procedures Still Common Despite Risks, Pelvic Mesh Lawsuits

Pelvic mesh, also known as transvaginal mesh, or TVM, is made of the synthetic plastic material polypropylene, and is used in female patients to correct certain conditions that can affect women after a hysterectomy, menopause, or childbirth. While the procedure remains relatively common, and has even seen an increase in recent years, it is still regarded as potentially dangerous for some women. Pelvic mesh lawsuits have been filed due to the device allegedly causing injury to patients.

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Pelvic Mesh Overviewpelvic mesh lawsuit

Pelvic mesh is designed to permanently fix stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP), two conditions that are usually associated with menopause, hysterectomy or childbirth. POP occurs when the pelvic floor becomes weakened and collapses, causing a pelvic organ – such as the bladder – to drop from its normal place. SUI is a condition in which physical movements that put pressure on the bladder cause an uncontrollable leakage of urine.

While a prolapsed organ can be lifted and anchored using the patient’s own tissues, using a pelvic mesh device is thought to hold the organ in place better. However, the mesh can shift away from its initial location and can also tighten or contract.

Physicians say that older patients who are less sexually active and living with recurrent POP are the most appropriate candidates to receive a pelvic mesh implant. While many patients undergo pelvic mesh procedures without issue, a number of patients have reportedly experienced severe complications, including dyspareunia and chronic pain as well as erosion. In some cases, erosion may not occur until years after the initial procedure.

Have You Received A Pelvic Mesh Implant?

If you or a loved one was fitted with pelvic mesh and suffered complications, contact Attorney Group for a free consultation. We can answer your questions, and if you have a case, we can connect you with an affiliated TVM lawsuit attorney who can help you seek the compensation to which you may be entitled.