Power Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit Update

Lawsuits are being filed against Karl Storz Inc., the manufacturer of power morcellators that has been used to perform laproscopic supracervical hysterectomies (LSCH). The power morcellator cancer lawsuits allege that the device caused cancer cells to be spread throughout the patient’s body.

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What is a Power Morcellator?Power Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit

A power morcellator is a surgical device used to remove the uterus in a minimally invasive procedure. It is also used to eliminate uterine fibroids, a common and often painful condition among women. Surgeons use morcellators because they are reported to cause less pain and require a shorter recovery time. In addition to a quicker recovery time, morcellator use has grown due to the reduced scarring and lower risk of infections associated with traditional surgery.

Growing Concerns

Recent reports have surfaced, however, suggesting that as many as one out of every 350 women may have had undiagnosed cancer prior to their surgery. It has been reported that a morcellator can play a role in spreading cancer, and as a result the use of morcellators has declined rapidly over the past year due to that risk. Metastasized cancer has a lower risk of long-term survival. For these reasons, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has required stronger warnings related to the risk of cancer as well as restrictions for their use.

Power Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit Update

A recent power morcellator cancer lawsuit was filed by a woman who had been diagnosed with stage 4 bone and breast cancer. Her surgeon used a Storz Rotocut G1 morcellator during a procedure to eliminate uterine fibroids in 2011, and in 2014, she underwent spinal surgery where surgeons discovered metastasized bone and breast cancer in highly advanced stages. The woman has since endured extensive therapies in order to treat her cancer, including daily hormone treatment, regular injections of medication and ten-week rounds of radiation therapy.

Do You Have Questions About a Power Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit?

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