Recall Report: Week of September 21, 2015

This week saw recalls on mobiles, recalls on bed handles, recalls on power banks, recalls on diet pills, recalls on roasting pans, recalls on yogurt cheese spreads, recalls on hammock stands, recalls on notebook battery packs, and recalls on bikes. Details are below, courtesy of

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Product Recalls for the Week of September 21, 2015:

  • The Land of Nod Mobile Recall: The Land of Nod stores nationwide are recalling its Follow The Herd mobiles. The yarn from the sheep figures can unravel, posing an entanglement and strangulation hazard to young children. The recalled mobile is made of white wool felt and has five sheep figures made of white wool yarn. The sheep have black felt eyes and brown felt ears. The mobile is about 24 inches tall, 10 inches wide and 10 inches deep. SKU number 198234 is on a label attached to the body of the mobile. Consumers should immediately put the recalled mobiles out of the reach of children and contact The Land of Nod for a full refund. Recall Date: 09/21/2015
  • Adult Portable Bed Handle Recall: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Bed Handles Inc., are reannouncing the voluntary recall of about 113,000 adult portable bed handles. When attached to an adult’s bed without the use of safety retention straps, a handle can shift out of place creating a dangerous gap between the bed handle and the side of the mattress. This poses a serious risk of entrapment, strangulation and death. Three women died after becoming entrapped between the mattress and the bed handles. The recall involves adult portable bed handles sold by Bed Handles, Inc. from 1994 through 2007 that do not have safety retention straps to secure the bed handle to the bed frame to keep the bed handle from shifting out of place and creating a dangerous gap.  Recalled models include the Original Bedside Assistant (BA10W), the Travel Handles (BA11W) which is sold as a set of two bed handles, and the Adjustable Bedside Assistant (AJ1). Consumers should immediately stop using all recalled bed handles that were sold without safety retention straps. Contact Bed Handles, Inc. for free safety retention straps to secure the bed handle to the bed frame, new assembly and installation instructions for models BA10W, BA11W and AJ1 and a warning label to attach to the bed handles. The bed handles should be used only with the safety retention straps securely in place attaching the bed handle to the bed frame in order to prevent a gap. Contact Bed Handles Inc. at 800-725-6903. Recall Date: 09/21/2015
  • CleggPromo Power Bank Recall: This recall involves CleggPromo CPB-100 power banks, catalog item number 625401, which are used to provide emergency charging for portable electronic equipment. The power bank can overheat, explode and catch fire. The recalled power banks were not sold at retail stores but were promotional items given as handouts at corporate events, meetings, trade shows and conventions from January 2014 to April 2015. Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled power bank and contact CleggPromo to receive a free set of executive pens as a replacement product. CleggPromo will send consumers a prepaid shipping box and instructions on how to return the power bank free of charge. Recall Date: 09/23/2015
  • Lucy’s Weight Loss System Pill Recall: Lucy’s Weight Loss System is voluntarily recalling all lots distributed May 25 – June 23 2015 of Pink Bikini and Shorts on the Beach Blue and Gold Edition, 30 blue capsules (750MG per) capsules and 30 gold capsule (800MG per) capsules. The Pink Bikini and Shorts on the Beach have been found positive for Sibutramine and Phenolphthalein after FDA sampling and testing. The product is used as a weight loss dietary supplement and is packaged in clear bottle in blue and gold. The affected Pink Bikini and Shorts on the Beach lots include the expiration date 7/30/2017. The product was distributed nationwide to consumers via the Internet. Lucy’s Weight Loss System is notifying its customers by email and is arranging for returns. Consumers that have recalled Pink Bikini and Shorts on the Beach should stop using and discard. Recall Date: 09/23/2015
  • Bradshaw International Roasting Pan Recall: This recall involves Bradshaw International Good Cook Jumbo Roaster roasting pans. The roaster rim is incorrectly finished and can have sharp edges, posing a laceration hazard. The roasters were sold individually in packages labeled Jumbo Roaster. Bradshaw International Inc. and Universal Product Code (UPC) number 0-76753-04315-1 or 0-41220-32403-3 were on the back of the package. Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled roasting pans and contact Bradshaw International for a free replacement pan. Recall Date: 09/21/2015
  • Yogurt Cheese Spreads  Recall: Picnic Gourmet Spreads is issuing a recall on their yogurt cheese spreads. These spreads could potentially be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The potentially contaminated products include Red Pepper Feta Cheese Spread, Moroccan Cilantro Cheese Spread, Tandoori Garlic Cheese spread, Herbed Goat Cheese, Parmesan Cheese Spread, and Chipotle Sage Cheese Spread. These products were distributed to retail stores in Maryland, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C. , Minnesota and Illinois and have a “Best By” date of October 6th. Consumers who have purchased any of these products are urged to dispose of the product immediately. Consumers with questions may contact Picnic Gourmet Spreads at Recall Date: 09/21/2015
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Hammock Stand Recall: Bed Bath & Beyond stores are recalling Pride Family Brands hammock stands. The Z-shaped hooks that attach the hammock to the hammock stand can bend or break, resulting in a consumer falling to the ground. The recalled hammock stand was sold under the Bed Bath & Beyond Destination Summer private label. The bronze-colored heavy gauge steel hammock stand with enamel finish measures 15 feet long by 3.5 feet wide by 4 feet high. Consumers should immediately stop using the product, dispose of the Z-shaped hooks and contact Pride Family Brands to obtain a free set of heavier-gauged, S-shaped replacement hooks. Recall Date: 09/24/2015
  • Fujitsu Notebook Battery Pack Recall: Fujitsu America is recalling its Fujitsu notebook computer battery packs. The recall involves ion battery packs sold or provided as replacement battery packs for the following Fujitsu notebook computers: Celsius H720 and LIFEBOOK E752, P701, P702, P770, P771, P772, S752, S762 and T580. The battery packs were also sold separately. The black battery packs measure about 8 inches long, 2 inches wide and about 0.8 inches high. Model number CP556150-1 including all serial numbers, and model number CP556150-2 with serial number range Z120102 through Z120512 are included in this recall. The model and serial numbers are printed on the white battery label. The notebook computer’s model number is printed on a label on the bottom of the notebook. Consumers should immediately turn off their Fujitsu notebook computer, remove the battery pack and contact Fujitsu for a free replacement battery pack. Consumers can continue to use their Fujitsu notebook computer without the battery pack by plugging in the AC adapter and power cord. Recall Date: 09/24/2015
  • Wishbone Design Bike Recall: Wishbone Design is recalling its Recycled Edition bikes due to an injury hazard. The handlebar can pinch fingers placed at the center where the handlebar connects to the bike frame. The date codes for production appear in a round dial on the front frame of the bikes under the seat. Date codes are either December 2013 or May 2014. The year appears in the center of the dial and the arrow points to the month. There is also a Wishbone logo embossed on each bike fork. Consumers should immediately stop using the bike, take it away from children and contact Wishbone or the store where the bike was purchased for a free neoprene cover for the handlebar. Recall Date: 09/24/2015