Why Are Most Stryker Hip Cases in New Jersey?

Stryker hip casesStryker Hip Cases Being Consolidated

In an effort to encourage continued settlements of Stryker hip cases in federal court, the judge presiding over a multidistrict litigation has issued an order for select lawyers to work with attorneys representing plaintiffs in New Jersey state court. Although there are more than 1,500 Stryker hip cases pending throughout the U.S., more than 900 of these have been filed in New Jersey.

If you or a loved one has experienced complications due to Stryker’s Rejuvenate or ABG II hip implants, contact Attorney Group for more information about your legal rights. We can discuss potential Stryker hip cases on behalf of those who have allegedly been adversely affected as a result of these products, and we can connect you with an affiliated attorney who can help you seek the compensation to which you may be entitled.

Why New Jersey?

The Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II MDL has been established at the federal level in Minnesota, but the majority of Stryker hip cases (over 900 out of the approximate 1,500 filed at the moment) are pending in the New Jersey state court. Plaintiffs in any state across the U.S. may be eligible to file a lawsuit in the New Jersey proceeding if it is determined that they have a claim against the manufacturer. The jurisdiction for the majority is simply located in New Jersey as this is the location of Stryker’s headquarters.

Class Action Lawsuit vs. MDL

In a class action lawsuit, a limited number of plaintiffs will file a lawsuit alleging that they or other members of the class have sustained injuries in the same manner by the actions or negligence of the defendant. Often, the compensation sought as a result of the injuries is identical or similar for all members of the class action lawsuit. Settlements are approved by a court and bind all members who do not opt-out of the settlement; those who choose to opt-out may be able to pursue claims on their own.

An MDL occurs when cases involving one or more common questions of fact are currently pending in courts throughout the U.S. MDLs are often established with one defendant or a group of defendants have caused similar harm that has affected any number of consumers in different ways. In these cases, plaintiffs have been damaged in different ways to prevent them from filing a class action lawsuit, and pursuing individual claims is not practical or efficient. MDLs are comprised of individual cases transferred to a single federal court for coordinated and consolidated pretrial proceedings including discovery, witnesses, rulings on the litigation, and bellwether cases wherein both parties have the opportunity to gauge how future juries will resolve a case.

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