Study: Metal Hips Can Cause Metallosis

A study published Nov. 5, 2014, in the journal Environmental Health on the possible damaging effects of all-metal hip replacements found a strong association between the concentration of metal in the blood and cardio metabolic risk in some people who have received metal hip replacements.metallosis

The researchers also stated that research continues to show that the toxic metals used in hip replacements can result in physical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, impairment of kidney function, and hyperglycemia, as well as metallosis.

What Is Metallosis?

The term metallosis refers to metal poisoning. When all-metal hip replacements are implanted, sometimes the parts of the metal replacement pieces rub against each other. Small particles of the toxic metals, chromium or cobalt, find their way into the body causing problems such as tissue inflammation, loosening of the joint, and corrosion of the metal replacement. Studies such as the recent one are showing that this can lead to severe symptoms such as heart disease, hearing loss, and vision loss.

Some of the all-metal hip devices have been taken off the market, and new types such as ceramics-on-ceramics have replaced the metal-on-metal ones. However, many people still have these recalled replacement devices. Those who have a hip replacement that is several years old may have one of the defective metal-on-metal hips that can cause metallosis. Some possible symptoms are inflammation, local swelling, difficulty walking, and hip pain.

Recntly, there have been more than 800 claims filed concerning injuries from Wright CONSERVE hip replacements. In many of these cases, the main complaint is high levels of metal in the blood and body tissues indicating the presence of metallosis. The FDA has expressed concerns about metal hip replacements that are defective and lead to serious health consequences.

Do You Have a Recalled Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacement?

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