Judge Consolidates Syngenta Corn Lawsuits

Syngenta Lawsuits: The BasicsSyngenta corn lawsuits

If you grow corn, here’s what you need to know:

  • Anyone who grows corn may be eligible to pursue a monetary compensation by filing a Syngenta corn lawsuit.
  • China’s recent decision to allow GMO corn does not affect the lawsuits.
  • The lawsuit consolidation is a process in multidistrict litigation. The multidistrict panel chose Kansas because it was a central location for most litigants.
  • Filing Syngenta corn lawsuits in a multidistrict litigation proceeding is a complicated process. If you have a claim, Attorney Group can connect you with an attorney who can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

In November 2013, China rejected shipments of corn from the United States that tested positive for GMO seeds. The country also rejected other shipments because corn that was not grown using the GMO seeds could have been mixed with the modified seeds during shipment. According to the National Grain and Feed Association, the refusal of China to accept US corn shipments cost more than $1.14 billion, leading to as many as 175 Syngenta corn lawsuits. The farmers and seed exporters say that Syngenta was aware that China had not authorized the GMO seeds but pushed farmers to use them, claiming that approval was imminent.

China’s Role in the Lawsuits

China recently approved the GMO corn, but its approval now does not affect Syngenta corn lawsuits. The damage occurred when China initially refused to accept Syngenta corn even though Syngenta had promised farmers that it would. U.S. corn exports dropped by 85% when China – the third largest importer of U.S. corn – enforced a zero-tolerance policy on GMO seeds.

What’s Special about GMO Seeds?

According to Syngenta, its Viptera GMO seeds prevent damage from more than a dozen insects. Syngenta commercialized Viptera, which contains the GMO trait MIR 162, in 2010. It recently released another GMO corn, despite the fact that China has been reluctant to approve that form of seed as well.

About the Consolidation

A multidistrict litigation panel consolidated the Syngenta corn lawsuits because they all involve common factual questions related to Syngenta’s decision to promote and sell MIR 162 before China approved it.

Attorney Group Can Help Corn Farmers

If you grow corn and recently suffered financial hardships, you may have a claim against Syngenta. Attorney Group can help you determine if you have a claim with no out-of-pocket costs from you. If you have a claim, Attorney Group can connect you with an affiliated attorney who can file a Syngenta corn lawsuit on your behalf.