Tread Separation Leads to Toyo Tire Recall

Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc. has issued a voluntary Toyo tire recall for an estimated 175,000 Nitto Dura Grappler Highway Terrain and Open Country H/T tires because of a potential for the tread to separate from the belt. The tires included in the Toyo tire recall were manufactured at the company’s plants in Kuwana and Sendai, both in Japan. The Dura Grappler Highway Terrain units were produced from May 2007 to April 2012, while the Open Country H/T with Tuff Duty products were manufactured from November 2008 to June 20Toyo tire recall13, according to Toyo.

The Toyo tire recall affects four LT sizes of the Nitto Dura Grappler and seven LT sizes of the Open Country H/T tire. The products, according to the manufacturer, are designed for use on vans, sport utility vehicles and light trucks, including vehicles used in commercial applications. Owners who believe they have tires included in the Toyo tire recall are urged to visit their tire dealer as soon as possible to receive replacement tires at no charge.

According to Toyo, the potential problem lies in production differences in the belt package at the time the tires were produced. The manufacturer indicated that those inconsistencies may have created conditions that put unnecessary stress on the belt edge. If the conditions went undetected and the tires were manufactured anyway, the undue stress could be a contributing factor and the reason why the tread could separate from the belt. The tires may also be more likely to lose inflation pressure without warning, which can increase the risk of tire failure and a subsequent car crash.

Toyo is not the first manufacturer to issue a recall because of tread separation. In 2012, Hercules Tire & Rubber pulled its All Trac A/T 10-ply Load Range E tires amid reports of tire tread separation. If this occurs, a driver is at risk of losing control of the vehicle, which could raise the chance of a vehicle collision, severe injuries or fatalities.

Do You Believe Tire Separation Caused Your Auto Accident?

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