$1.2 Billion Toyota Settlement Over Safety Problems

Toyota settlementAccording to Attorney General Eric Holder, Toyota Motor Corp. has agreed to a $1.2 billion Toyota settlement in an effort to end a criminal probe launched by the U.S. Justice Department concerning the manufacturer’s handling of alleged safety problems. The Toyota settlement signifies the largest criminal penalty enforced on a car manufacturer in U.S. history and is a suitable agreement given the extent of alleged deception carried out by the company.

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Toyota Settlement Reached

As long as Toyota complies with the agreement in every aspect and continues to fully cooperate with authorities, the government will defer prosecution of the company for three years. However, the U.S. Justice Department is prepared to launch a criminal prosecution if Toyota fails to rigorously honor the agreement.

Holder maintains that although Toyota issued a limited recall in September 2009 of several vehicles with alleged accelerator issues, Toyota did not issue a larger recall despite receiving evidence of dangers posed by other models of unrecalled vehicles. In other words, the manufacturer addressed a public safety emergency as if it were simply an issue pertaining to public relations, and Toyota reportedly covered up evidence despite receiving evidence of widely-documented incidents and accidents.

Additionally, the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office had been investigating whether the company misled federal investigators about the alleged defects in its vehicles and how the company handled complaints from drivers and those who had been injured. If you feel as though you have a valid claim against Toyota and want to learn more about the Toyota settlement or if you have been injured in an accident due to a defective product from another manufacturer, contact a product liability lawyer to learn more about your legal rights.

In one particular incident in 2009, the driver of a Lexus, made by Toyota, was unable to stop the car as it traveled off the highway at 120 miles per hour. Three people were killed. In 2009 and 2010, Toyota recalled more than 11 million vehicles across the globe after receiving complaints of unintended and sudden acceleration.

The Toyota settlement is not new, as the company has already paid billions of dollars to settle additional claims related to its recall, including a class action lawsuit that was settled in July 2013 for $1.6 billion. Hundreds of plaintiffs are working with a product liability lawyer in an effort to seek compensation for injuries, damages and wrongful death.

Auto Recalls Not New

Although the Toyota settlement is the most recent development in the recalls of defective auto products, another company is currently under fire for producing vehicles with defective airbags. Thousands of 2008 Honda Accords are currently being investigated as several drivers claim that closing the doors on these vehicles may cause the airbags to suddenly and dangerously deploy.

Unfortunately, with any product whether it is a car, a crib or a household appliance, accidents can happen. Those who have been injured should consider seeking legal counsel from a product liability lawyer if they feel as though a product defect with their vehicle caused their condition or other damages. Compensation such as lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering may be available to those who have a valid claim.

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