USB Car Charger Recall Due to Shock and Fire Hazard

USB car charger recallUSB Car Charger Recall

Even minor recalls can have big implications for the people using the products. A recent USB car charger recall was announced for certain Popkiller car charger adapters, 8-pin charger cables, and power adapters. The product features improperly mounted blades on the car charger adapter that can cause electrical shorts as well as shock and fire hazards.

Consumers can contact Popkiller through their toll-free number at 888-345-0724 or visit their website at . Additional information on the USB car charger recall is available under their “About Us” section on their website.

Consumers are advised to stop using these products and take measures to act on the recall. It is illegal for consumers to resell or attempt to resell any recalled product.

  • he affected car charger has the model number HHT-001 located on the flat side just below the USB port.
  • The affected USB adapter has model number A1265 printed above the plug blades.
  • The 8-pin cables do not have any model numbers printed on them.
  • The consumer may return the product to where it was purchased or contact Popkiller directly to arrange for a refund.

These products are manufactured by Shenzhen Qiwei Electronic Co. Ltd., Guangdong, China.

Legal Ramifications Of Recalls

Product recalls, including this USB car charger recall, can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes it is the Consumer Product Safety Commission that launches the recall where other times it is the manufacturer initiating the recall itself. Liability can be created if people are harmed by faulty products, whether intentional or not. Consumers could easily be injured or suffer material loss as a result of a faulty electrical device that catches the surrounding materials on fire.

Defective product recalls are an important part of protecting consumer safety. Product recalls can be applied to any product, though sometimes people are not required to turn in the product in question. Directions and guidelines are often given with how to handle a particular device. Some should be turned in for a refund while others may need to undergo repairs. The latter is more common with things like automobiles that have many parts of which only one may be under recall.

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