Vitamix Blender Recall Due to Possible Laceration Hazard

Vitamix blender recallAfter receiving reports of 18 blades breaking on their Vitamix 64-ounce Low Profile blender, the company announced a recall of 165,000 of the machines. The Vitamix blender recall covers containers with blade parts 103208A and date codes 03-12 through 07-13. Customers can find the date codes and part numbers on top of the blade where they are laser-etched. They are also located on the bottom of the container.

Although no injuries have been reported due to the blade breakage issue, the problem could lead to lacerations from the sharpness of the blade, and the lacerations could be severe. Customers who have suffered severe lacerations due to a broken blade on a Vitamix mixer, may be eligible for a product liability claim against the company. A laceration is a rough, jagged tear in the skin, and lacerations requiring stitches must be repaired within six hours of the injury. A laceration with severe bleeding, or where bleeding cannot be stopped within ten minutes of firm pressure needs immediate medical attention.

Vitamix Blender

The Vitamix blender recall is for blenders with a clear, plastic container with a black plastic handle and lid. The blenders were sold as Model 7500, Professional Series 300 or Professional Series 750. The Vitamix blender recall does not cover blades with part number 104602. The blenders subject to product liability were sold at major retailers as well as the Vitamix website for between $529 and $749. The container sold for $149 separately. There were cases where the blender was sold at fairs, consumer shows and demonstrations where Vitamix products were promoted. In addition to seeking product liability information, consumers injured by the product should contact Vitamix immediately to learn how to return the affected parts and receive free replacements. Information about the Vitamix blender recall is on the company website, and customers can access the information by clicking on the “Voluntary Recall on Vitamix Containers” button.


Personal Injury and Why Attorneys can be Valuable


If a consumer is injured by a defective product such as this blender, there could be grounds for a personal injury case against the company that manufactured the product. Personal injury is an area of law that helps victims of a third party’s negligence receive financial compensation for injuries they’ve sustained. Unfortunately, not all product recalls are caught early enough to prevent personal injury, and the company should be held responsible for possible negligence on their part. That is where personal injury attorneys come into play. Personal injury attorneys such as those affiliated with Attorney Group can help you seek compensation from the manufacturer of the allegedly defective product, at no cost to you. The Attorney Group wants to answer any legal questions you may have, and help you decide if you have a claim.

When a product malfunctions, causing injury that may be severe and require medical attention, a product liability claim may be in order. If you or a loved one have been injured by a machine covered under the Vitamix blender recall, or if you have any questions regarding personal injury from any other defective product, contact Attorney Group online or by telephone today to learn what options you may have and whether a product liability claim is warranted in your situation.