Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

window blind strangulation lawsuitMany consumer advocates who are fighting for stricter safety regulations on window blind cords are critical of the makers of these products who reportedly do not adhere to the strict guidelines imposed on the manufacture of the blinds. When manufacturers have resisted change and failed to implement safer designs that would reduce or altogether eliminate the risk of strangulations, they may be faced with a window blind strangulation lawsuit.

About Window Blind Strangulations

When a child places his or her neck between the inner cords and the fabric on the backside of window blinds, or pulls on the cord and wraps it around his or her neck, the child may suffer from serious injury or death due to strangulation. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), since 1983 twelve children on average have died each year from strangling in the loops formed by the window covering cords.

As a result of the injuries and deaths that have occurred, recalls have been issued, including one in December 2009 for Roman roller blinds, roll-up blinds, and shades manufactured by Hanover Direct/Domestications. Consumers are urged to stop using recalled products immediately to eliminate the risk of strangulation from the blinds.

In February 2014, four children between the ages of two and six were strangled in window blinds, prompting a consumer coalition to call for federal regulators to take action to reduce the risk of additional injuries or deaths. (See In May 2014, several organizations filed a petition with the CPSC requesting that the agency enforce a mandatory standard that prohibits dangerous operating cords on window coverings.

For years, the CPSC has acknowledged the cords on window coverings as a hidden asphyxiation and strangulation hazard to children, and the agency continues to identify it as one of the “top five hidden hazards in the home.” If your child has been hurt or killed by a cord on your window covering, it is important to seek legal counsel, as you may have a window blind strangulation lawsuit. Your attorney can help you determine if the manufacturer should be held responsible for the incident, and you may be eligible to recover damages for your child’s injury, death, or other damages that incurred as a result of the accident.

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