Attorneys Note Window Cord Strangulation Risks

Attorneys note a somber statement on the risks of window cord strangulation from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Window Covering Information Center:

A young child is likely to die this month, strangled by a window covering cord.

Window blind cords are common in households with young children, and they pose a highly dangerous risk. Plaintiffs in window cord strangulation lawsuits allege that alternative safer designs exist that would eliminate window cord strangulation risks, and that manufacturers and distributors who supply these unreasonably dangerous products should be liable when an injury or death is caused by their product.

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Kids and Cords Don’t MixCord Strangulation

In a December 2012 blog post titled, “Kids and Cords Don’t Mix,” the CPSC tells the heart-wrenching stories of two families who lost young children due to accidental window cord strangulation. For families with window cords in their homes, the CPSC advises the following steps to prevent similar tragedies:

  • Examine all shades and blinds in your home. Make sure there are no accessible   cords on the front, side, or back of the product. CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings in all homes where children live or visit.
  • Do not place cribs, beds, and furniture close to the windows because children can climb on them and gain access to the cords.
  • Make loose cords inaccessible.
  • If the window covering has looped bead chains or nylon cords, install tension devices to keep the cord taut.

Window blind cord dangers are not currently regulated. While manufacturers have been encouraged to voluntarily implement design changes that eliminate the risks of window cord strangulation for young children, steps taken by the industry to date have been insufficient, according to window blind strangulation attorneys. In 2014, the CPSC reportedly voted to begin the rule-making process for these products.

Wrongful Death Damages May be Available in Window Cord Strangulation Lawsuits

Until window cord regulations are implemented and the strangulation risk posed by these products has been eliminated, families who suffer the loss of a child through window cord strangulation may be eligible to seek damages from responsible manufacturers or others with the assistance of a window cord strangulation attorney. Damages that might be recovered include compensation for funeral expenses, medical costs, mental anguish accompanying the death of a child, and punitive damages.

Every case is different, so it is important to speak to an attorney if you want to know your options for pursuing a window cord wrongful death case. An experienced attorney can assist you through the legal process while you seek closure for your loss.

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