GM Recall Update for Kentucky

Kentucky GM Recall UpdateThe number of GM recall vehicles keeps increasing each week, and have reached record-breaking numbers. Drivers in Kentucky should be aware of the recalls, including things such as steering wheel defects, fuel gauge problems, and airbag issues. Kentucky drivers who have a Saturn Ion, Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, Chevy HHR, Cobalt and other GM cars need to be aware of the recall involving a possible ignition switch defect in these vehicles. An ignition switch GM recall has been initiated and is impacting millions of vehicles. The ignition switch defect poses grave danger for all drivers on the road. Passengers in cars that feature the ignition switch defect are also at risk of being seriously injured in car accidents resulting from the sudden stop of recalled vehicles.

Those who drive beside one of the recalled GM vehicles on Kentucky roads may also be at risk of involvement in a serious car accident. If you have received injuries due to a car accident involving a GM vehicle on the GM recall lists, contact Attorney Group for Kentucky today.

Details Behind the GM Recall

The ignition switch defect has the potential to cause serious car accidents. A driver in a recalled car that has the ignition switch defect may be at risk of unintentionally moving the switch to the “off” or “accessory” position. When the key is moved to this position, the engine is shut off. Air bags, power brakes and power steering are also shut off when this occurs. GM has recommended that individuals remove the key FOB from a key ring if they have a car with the ignition switch defect. It is unclear whether this action will truly make the car safer to drive on the road, but GM claims it may help.

The Failure to Address Safety Issues Surrounding the GM Recall

Evidence shows that GM has failed to address safety issues with the ignition switch failure in the past 13 years. Congress recently questioned GM CEO Mary Barra on whether GM knew about the ignition switch failure during this entire time period and failed to act. The CEO claims that due to being new in her current position, she knew nothing about the ignition switch defect.

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