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Oral contraceptives, the most popular form of birth control in the country, work by changing a patient’s hormone levels. Most medications use a combination of both progestin and estrogen to prevent a woman from ovulating, and common side-effects include nausea, breast tenderness, headaches, irregular bleeding and bloating.

However, several birth control medications, including Yaz, Yasmin and Ortho Evra, have been linked with serious and life-threatening side effects such as blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Many healthcare providers assert that increasing estrogen levels may increase the risk of blood clots and stroke. Obesity, smoking and family history can also contribute to the formation of clots, which can cause blood vessel blockages, strokes and heart attacks.

If you or a loved one suffered from a serious or life-threatening complication such as blood clots or DVT while taking Yaz, Ortho Evra or Yasmin, you may be entitled to pursue a claim with the help of experienced blood clot lawsuit attorney. Contact Attorney Group for more information.

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Causes of Blood Clots and Deep Vein Thrombosis

Blood clots, also known as thrombosis, occur when blood cells lump together inside the veins or vessels and restrict blood flow. If not properly identified and treated, blood clots can lead to serious and often deadly medical complications. DVT occurs when blood clots form in the superficial veins that are located either in the deep veins or closer to the skin. If the blood clots break free, they can travel to the heart, lungs or other organs and potentially cause heart attacks, strokes or pulmonary embolisms.

Blood clots can be caused by things such such as surgery, decreased blood flow, prolonged periods of sitting, vein trauma or side effects of particular medical products or medications. If you have taken one of the follow medications and experienced blood clots, consider seeking legal counsel from  a blood clot lawsuit attorney:

  • NuvaRing
  • OrthoEvra
  • Yasmin
  • Yaz

Critics have urged the FDA to recall medications containing drospirenone, arguing that there are currently equally effective and safer choices available. At the very least, they argue that women need more information about the potential risks and dangers so that they may better make informed decisions.

In 2012, labeling of the prescription information for pills containing drospirenone was changed. Currently, the revised labels explain that these medications may increase the patient’s risk of blood clots compared to contraceptives with other hormones. In fact, clinical trials have suggested a threefold increased risk of blood clots in patients taking Yaz. If you have suffered from blood clots while taking Yaz, blood clot lawsuit attorneys can inform you of your legal rights.

Several  women’s health advocates have reportedly urged the FDA to place a black-box warning label on the medications that is more likely to be noticed. Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, has placed drospirenone-containing drugs on its “do not use” list because they are allegedly no more effective than other oral contraceptives and result in increased levels of potassium in the blood.

Help from a Blood Clot Lawsuit Attorney

If you have noticed shortness of breath, pain in the calf, chest pain or if you are coughing up blood, you could be suffering from blood clots or DVT. Plaintiffs working with blood clot lawyers are filing lawsuits across the U.S. in an effort to seek compensation for their injuries.

The FDA has acknowledged that Yaz and other newer generation pills may pose a greater risk of developing blood clots in the lungs and legs than other similar types of birth control. While the increase in risk is small and birth control pills are typically considered to be safe, Yaz and other medications containing drospirenone have resulted in litigation over reports of elevated potassium levels, gallbladder disease, pulmonary embolisms, strokes, cerebrovascular accidents, deaths and other complications.

As of February 1, 2012, nearly 12,000 claims were pending against Bayer. By July 2012, Bayer had settled 1,900 claims alleging that Yaz and Yasmin caused blood clots that resulted in strokes and heart attacks. The manufacturer paid $402.6 million in one category – an average of $212,000 per case. Bayer also acknowledged setting aside $610.5 million to settle several other Yaz cases. As of July 2013, Bayer had settled 6,760 claims from plaintiffs in the U.S. for a total settlement of $1.4 billion.  Please note that every case is different and past results do not guarantee future outcomes of cases.

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