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Many doctors and patients are now aware of the problems associated with metal-on-metal hip replacement systems. Some of these devices, meant to enhance the quality of an injured or elderly patient’s life, have actually been shown to debilitate them further. Specifically, the chromium and cobalt components of some metal-on-metal implants have been found to rub together, releasing metal ions into the bloodstream. This can cause metal poisoning, one of the many potential side-effects that also include pseudo-tumors and the need for expensive revision surgeries. Anyone who believes they may be experiencing these side-effects as a result of their APEX ARC implant should consider contacting an APEX ARC hip replacement lawyer today.

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The First of Many?

A Florida woman was forced to undergo the removal of a pseudo-tumor from her hip area due to have increased levels of metal in her blood, and was subjected to a painful revision surgery. She filed a lawsuit relating to the metal-on-metal hip replacement she received in 2012. The Florida woman’s implant was not a Stryker Rejuvenate or a DePuy ASR or any other system that has recently been the cause of so many other lawsuits. She had been fitted with an APEX ARC hip replacement system, and sought out legal help from an APEX ARC hip replacement lawyer.
Omnilife Science Inc., manufacturer of the APEX ARC, received approval for its product from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010. It reportedly promoted the APEX ARC using the same selling points that Stryker had previously: the product offered surgeons a variety of surface options and required less bone to be removed from the implant site. While Omnilife allegedly claimed its product had these benefits in common with the products of its fellow manufacturer, Stryker, the APEX ARC may have the same side-effects in common, too. If recent lawsuit alegations are true, many more patients may also be in need of an APEX ARC hip replacement lawyer.

Need an APEX ARC Hip Replacement Lawyer?

Multiple recipients of the APEX ARC have contacted the FDA to report infections, metal poisoning, the death of bone tissue, pseudo-tumors, and other serious side-effects they claim were caused by their implant. They, too, may need to consider hiring an APEX ARC hip replacement lawyer. Attorney Group is offering free, no-obligation consultations to those patients who believe they have a claim against Omnilife, Inc. We can discuss your options and connect you with an affiliated APEX ARC hip replacement lawyer. Call today if you have any questions or would like additional information on working with an APEX ARC hip replacement lawyer.