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In 2009, Stryker ABG II modular neck hip stem was introduced to the hip implant market. However, in 2012, Stryker Orthopaedics recalled these implants after patients began complaining of swelling and pain around the hips. Some of these patients even required surgery to remove the defective device due to failure. The Stryker recall was voluntary, but it is causing a lot of concern for surgeons and patients alike. The Stryker Hip Recall Attorneys affiliated with Attorney Group can help affected patients.

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Complications with Stryker ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stem

Some of the reasons for Stryker recall are due to the complications that patients are facing. The device is comprised of two-parts, and has a plastic-on-ceramic design, but the two parts are arranged in a metal-on-metal manner. The necks of the devices are made from cobalt and chromium, while the stems have a titanium coating. When these hard metals rub against each other during regular hip joint movement, metal shaving from the neck and stem are released. This metal debris makes way into the bloodstream and surrounding tissue. This results in pain, swelling and metallosis.

Doctors have also reportedly found that people with Stryker ABG II Modular-neck hip stem also have the presence of cobalt and chromium in their blood and urine. Some of the patients have also complained of lumps under the surface of their skin. These lumps are nothing but sacs filled with fluid and are the body’s way to isolate the toxic metals. If the lumps are not visible under the skin surface, they can be detected using an MRI.

While the debate in the scientific community is still going on about the long-term effects of chromium and cobalt, Alaska Department of Epidemiology claims that high levels of cobalt are toxic to the body and cause cardiomyopathy, hypothyroidism, blindness, peripheral neuropathy, deafness and cognitive impairment. Due to constant rubbing of the neck and stem of the device, the person can also suffer from a condition known as osteolysis. In this condition, the bone around the device gets rubbed off, causing the implant to get loose. This condition can be rectified just with a revision surgery.

Stryker Hip Recall Attorneys

Stryker recall has revealed the serious health risks that patients with Stryker ABG II Modular-neck hip stem can face. If you or a loved one has this hip implant and is experiencing pain or swelling, it is best to constant your doctor immediately. You may need a revision surgery due to the complications caused by the faulty device.

In addition, you should also contact qualified and experienced Stryker Hip Recall Attorneys to find out whether you can join the multi-district litigation that other patients have initiated against Stryker and whether that is the right choice for you. After checking the Stryker recall terms and evaluating your specific case, Stryker Hip Recall Attorneys will be able to inform you whether you can participate in the lawsuit and get compensated for the pain and suffering that you have endured.

The time you have to pursue a claim is limited. Contact us for more information.Get Help Now.

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