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The Federal Employers Liability Act, or FELA, seeks to provide railroad employees a safe work environment and also provides these workers and their families with the right to recover damages if they are injured in a railroad-related accident. With the help of FELA lawyers, injured workers can seek compensation for partial or permanent disability, pain and suffering, medical treatments, and expenses for present or future wage loss.

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Receiving Compensation under FELA

Railroad employees are eligible for compensation if an employer’s negligence contributed to or caused injury. FELA claims may be significantly greater than a workers’ compensation claim because they may include damages for any pain and suffering experienced as a result of injuries. in many instances, railroad companies fight FELA claims, and recovering the compensation can prove to be a difficult task. FELA lawyers can help injured parties through the legal process.

How FELA Lawyers Can Help

Railroad companies often have their own legal teams to protect themselves against liability claims. Injured parties need FELA lawyers who will look out for their best interests and defend against any attempts to deny or minimize a claim. FELA lawyers can represent railroad workers suffering from chemical solvent exposure, hearing loss, cumulative traumatic injuries, and other conditions.

While working on a train or railways, there is also a high risk of catching occupational diseases, and these health complications may not manifest themselves until years later. For instance, mesothelioma, caused by exposure to asbestos, can take decades to become apparent. Other situations such as benzene exposure, toxic encephalopathy, and exposure to welding fumes may result in severe physical injury and require expensive medical care to treat.

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