Helicopter Accident Lawyer

Helicopter Accident Lawyer

A helicopter accident lawyer can help people who have been injured or harmed in an accident involving a helicopter. Helicopter accidents, although rare, do occur each year throughout the U.S. According to Gama Aviation, there were 133 separate fatal accidents in 2012 in which 420 people were killed. The data compiled by the organization found that civil helicopters were involved in 83 of those accidents with 171 lives lost while military helicopters accounted for 50 events and 246 fatalities.

When a helicopter accident results in the death or injury of a party, a personal injury attorney can help victims and their families recover compensation.

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What Causes Helicopter Accidents?

Helicopters are sophisticated, complex machines that consist of landing gear, flight controls, electronics, gears, drive shafts, rotors and engines, all of which must properly function both together and independently in order for the helicopter to safely operate. However, in some cases, the components and individual systems in helicopters are not correctly designed, manufactured, maintained or operated, and the helicopter may pose a dangerous hazard. Some of the common causes of helicopter accidents include:

  1. Operational error: Human error is most apparent and direct and can occur in the actual conduct of the flight, in flight planning, in maintenance and in training.
  2. Electrical malfunction: In these cases, the electrical source fails to properly operate or stops working altogether due to inadequate design, improper testing, poor quality control or insufficient operational monitoring.
  3. Mechanical function: A part of the aircraft fails to function as intended or completely fails to work. Improper use, inadequate testing, incorrect installation and faulty manufacturing may all contribute to the malfunctioning of a particular component.

A Helicopter Accident Lawyer Can Help

In deciding who is ultimately at fault, it is important not to rush to an immediate judgment as even the cases that appear to be the most obvious could have another cause or multiple underlying reasons. For this reason, it is important to consult with a helicopter accident lawyer who can help victims or their families determine who should be held responsible.

Thorough, proper investigation, will often find those who are at fault, legally, for a particular accident. Each analysis will depend on the facts of that particular incident. However, in general, experience suggests that the following parties may be potential defendants:

  • Owner
  • Seller, manufacturer, designer or operator of the aircraft
  • Obstruction owner
  • Maintenance provider
  • Lessee or lessor

The time you have to pursue a claim is limited. Contact us for more information.Get Help Now.

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