Airline Change Fee Discrepancies Raise False Advertising Concerns

Airline change fees assessed on nonrefundable first-class flight fares have raised false advertising concerns based on representations made to induce passengers to upgrade to first class status. Specifically, consumers suspect that airlines may be representing to potential upgrade customers that no change fee will be applied to certain first class tickets when, in fact, change fees are assessed on those tickets.

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Change Fees Assessed Where Promotion Says “No Change Fee”

In at least one incident, a flyer purchasing a non-refundable coach fare online was induced during the booking process to upgrade to a non-refundable first class ticket. Among the inducements was the representation that there would be no fees assessed for same day as flight changes to the reservation. Although subsequent screens in the online reservation process linked to complex fare rules that did mention a change fee, these contradictory rules were not mentioned directly to the passenger in any screens assessed during booking.

When the passenger attempted to change his reservation on the date of his flight, he was assessed a $200 change fee by the airline, despite representations made to him during the online booking process that no change fee would be assessed.

False Advertising is Illegal and Harms Consumers

 Consumers are harmed when a promotion that induces them to take an action is not honored.  According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

If an ad says or shows something that’s false or that misleads you about a product, it’s deceptive. That’s crucial if the false or misleading information is an important part of your decision to buy the product.

Misleading advertisements aren’t just harmful, they are illegal. The FTC enforces truth-in-advertising laws and notes that a “person or company that broke the law may have to return any money they got because of the bad ad.“

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