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Nursing Home Deaths Linked to Coronavirus
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Nursing Homes Reportedly Failing to Protect Residents During Coronavirus Pandemic

Nursing homes have been at the center of multiple outbreaks among patients and caregivers since the coronavirus pandemic began to impact Americans in early March 2020. According to […]

Fabletics Class Action Lawsuit
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Lawyers Investigating Possible Fabletics Class Action Lawsuit

A Fabletics class action lawsuit may be an option for customers who attempted to cancel monthly auto-renewal payments but continued to receive charges for the VIP program. According […]

Holiday Shopping Identity Theft

Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself From Holiday Shopping Identity Theft

As online retail sales continue to increase each holiday season, an enormous amount of consumer personal information can potentially be accessed online. As a result, criminals can hack […]

JUUL E-Cigarettes and Teen Addiction
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Executives Reportedly Knew About the Link Between JUUL E-Cigarettes and Teen Addiction

Although company leaders stated that they were “caught off-guard” by reports linking their product to serious health complications, several executives reportedly knew about a potential link between JUUL […]

Electronic Cigarette Ban
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Report: E-Cigarettes and Other Vaping Devices Linked to Serious Injuries

As the risks associated with e-cigarettes and other vaping devices come to light, the federal government has reportedly begun working on a guidance document that would lead to […]

Data Breach – Cyber Attack – Marriott Data Breach

Earl Enterprises Data Breach Lawyer

Your personal information may be at risk as a result of hackers stealing credit card data from patrons of Planet Hollywood, Buca Di Beppo, and other restaurant chains. If your credit card information was obtained by hackers due to porous security protocols by Earl Enterprises, the corporate owner of Planet Hollywood, Buca Di Beppo, etc. you may have a claim to pursue financial restitution.

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Harris Jewelry Lawsuit

A Harris Jewelry lawsuit alleging illegal business practices may offer relief to service members who were deceived into financial contracts for overpriced merchandise. The New York Attorney General […]

W-2 Spoofing Scam

W-2 Spoofing Scam Lawyer A W-2 spoofing scam lawsuit may be an option if your W-2 tax information was negligently released by your employer to criminals and other […]

Moviepass Parent Company Target Of Class-Action Lawsuit For Alleged Securities Fraud Violations

On August 18, 2018, shareholders of Helios & Matheson Analytic (HMNY), parent company of MoviePass, filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that HMNY defrauded shareholders by offering misleading information […]

Goop Accused of ‘Deceptive Health Claims’

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘lifestyle’ company Goop is under scrutiny after being accused of making deceptive health claims by Truth in Advertising, Inc. (TINA) TINA is a non-profit, advertising watchdog […]

Menards Casper – Menards Rebate Class Action Lawsuit
"Menards Casper" by Charlie Kay under CC/BY cropped from original

Menards In-Store Only Rebate Reportedly Sparks Consumer Complaints

A Menards rebate class action lawsuit may be an option for individuals who purchased rebate-eligible products from Menards and never received the promised rebate check after sending the […]

Debit Card Transaction – United Community Bank Class Action Lawsuit

Lawsuit: United Community Bank Customers Charged Improper Overdraft Fees

A United Community Bank class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of checking account holders who were charged improper overdraft and insufficient funds fees. Checking account holders […]

Doctor Drawing Vaccine from Vial – Rotavirus Vaccine Antitrust Lawsuit

Vaccine Manufacturer Merck Allegedly Used Anticompetitive Scheme to Overcharge Customers

A rotavirus vaccine antitrust lawsuit has been filed on behalf of customers who purchased the rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq directly from Merck & Co., Inc. One of the largest […]

Cryptocurrency – BitConnect Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action: BitConnect Deceived Investors in Alleged Scheme

A BitConnect class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of individuals who invested in the BitConnect lending program and were scammed into using their own currency to […]

Electric Lawn Mower - Recall

Recall Report: Week of May 22, 2017

This week saw a recall on beef frank products, recalls on tri-ton, recalls on frozen meat and poultry products, recalls on Meyer Lemon Mini Miracle Tarts, recalls on […]