Lawsuit: United Community Bank Customers Charged Improper Overdraft Fees

A United Community Bank class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of checking account holders who were charged improper overdraft and insufficient funds fees. Checking account holders who were wrongfully charged an overdraft fee due to an allegedly aggressive overdraft fee program may be able to pursue a claim with the help of an overdraft fee lawsuit attorney.

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Plaintiff: Deceptive Practice Used to Generate Bank Revenue

United Community Bank, Inc., a retail banking service with locations in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, is accused of operating an aggressive and predatory overdraft fee program. According to a class action lawsuit filed in May 2018, plaintiffs claim that the bank’s overdraft and insufficient funds fees “turn its account holders’ financial struggles into bank revenue” by allegedly assessing overdraft fees on debit card transactions that had not overdrawn the customer’s account.

When a bank account holder makes a purchase, the bank immediately indicates the purchase by subtracting the amount of the purchase from the account holder’s checking account. Despite putting aside sufficient funds, United Community Bank has allegedly charged overdraft fees on such transactions if they settle into a negative balance. In some cases, this happens days later.

Any transactions that occur afterward are then compared to the reduced account balance, and as a result, some authorized transactions incur overdraft fees due to the unavailability of funds. These are known as “authorize positive/settle negative” transactions, and according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), these types of transactions have been labeled as “deceptive” because many bank account holders were unaware of the practice.

How a United Community Bank Class Action Lawsuit Can Help

When a company engages in false or misleading advertising of its products, or otherwise commits deceptive trade practices, that company could be liable for any damage that may result.

The actions of the defendants could constitute fraud and misrepresentation, breach of warranty, breach of contract as well as violations of various state and local consumer protection laws.

Compensation may be sought for:

  • Costs incurred by checking account holders, attributable to any wrongful conduct
  • Refund of the purchase price paid for affected services
  • Damages related to violations of consumer protection acts
  • Attorneys’ fees

United Community Bank checking account holders could be eligible to pursue damages and are encouraged to seek the advice of an experienced overdraft fee lawsuit attorney to learn more about their rights and remedies.

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