Allegations of Fraud Against Drug Maker Could Impact Xarelto Litigation

Xarelto "Fraud"Xarelto lawsuit attorneys note with particular interest a study published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) claiming that clinical trials for certain medications, including the controversial blood thinning medication Xarelto, were identified as having “significant evidence” of “objectionable conditions or practices,” such as:

  • Falsification of information
  • Inaccurate record-keeping
  • Failure to protect the safety of patients, and
  • Other protocol violations

Equally as troubling was the conclusion of the study that

“When the FDA finds significant departures from good clinical practice, those findings are seldom reflected in the peer-reviewed literature, even when there is evidence of data fabrication or other forms of research misconduct.” (Emphasis supplied).





Whether the JAMA study will impact the ongoing Xarelto litigation remains unclear to Xarelto lawsuit attorneys, but it does seem to support allegations of wrongdoing on the part drug maker Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson & Johnson.

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 Reports: Xarelto Clinical Trial “Rife with Fraud”

News reports on the JAMA study note that falsification of and discarding of records, as well as improper procedures, made “[o]ne of the studies behind Xarelto was so rife with fraud that the FDA officially deemed it unreliable.” While the article goes on to note that subsequent trials eventually led to Xarelto’s approval, the fraudulent study appears consistent with other claims of fraud, misrepresentation, negligence and product liability being made against the drug’s manufacturer.

 Xarelto Bleeding Lawsuits Detail Problems with the Drug

Xarelto LawsuitsPromoted as being among a newer class of blood thinners that require less medical supervision than predecessors such as warfarin, Xarelto has been prescribed to decrease patient’s risks of blood clots and strokes.  However, Xarelto can cause uncontrollable bleeding, and unlike bleeding caused by warfarin that can be controlled with the administration of Vitamin K, Xarelto was placed on the market without a known antidote. This issue has led Xarelto lawsuit attorneys to contend that the drug is defective and unreasonably dangerous.


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