Report: Hacker May Have Accessed Job Link Personal Information

America’s Job Link Alliance (AJLA) has retained an independent firm to investigate activity associated with an America’s JobLink data breach. According to the AJLA, a hacker created an account in order to potentially access the personal information of job seekers in up to ten states. Affected individuals may be able to seek compensation with the help of a data breach lawsuit attorney.

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Up to Ten Job Link Websites Could Be Affected by Data Breach

On March 22, 2017, AJLA announced that an outside source hacked America’s JobLink (AJL), a multi-state web-based system used to match job seekers with potential employers. According to a press release issued by AJLA, the hacker created a job seeker account in an AJL system and exploited a vulnerability in the AJL application code in order to view the names, social security numbers and birth dates of job seekers in AJL sites across multiple states. The account was reportedly created on February 20, 2017, and could have been used to access personal data on up to ten states’ websites.

State JobLink sites possibly affected by the data breach include:

  • Alabama JobLink
  • Arizona Job Connection
  • Arkansas JobLink
  • Delaware JobLink
  • IdahoWorks
  • Illinois JobLink
  • KansasWorks
  • Maine JobLink
  • OKJobMatch
  • Vermont JobLink

America’s Job Link Alliance-Technical Support (AJLA-TS) first noticed unusual activity on March 12, 2017. The company notified law enforcement and fixed the configuration immediately after the activity was discovered. AJLA-TS has also retained an independent firm to investigate the data breach. Job seeker accounts created before March 14, 2017 are potentially affected. Job seekers with a valid email address on file will be notified by email if their account has been impacted by the data breach.

Job Seekers Affected by an America’s JobLink Data Breach May Be Entitled to Compensation

Victims of data breaches may be entitled to receive compensation for any personal information that may have been compromised, and the responsible party may be liable for financial losses resulting from a data breach. Affected consumers should seek legal counsel from an America’s JobLink data breach lawsuit attorney to get more information about their rights and remedies.

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