Attorneys Advise On Seeking Compensation for the Victims of the Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Texas personal injury attorneys and industrial accident attorneys are evaluating the legal issues related to the recent fertilizer plant explosion that was devastating to the small Texas community of West. Lives were lost and many others suffered injuries that ranged from minor to life-threatening. Countless homes, buildings, and vehicles were destroyed or damaged. In the American system of civil law, the victims of such tragedies are entitled to monetary compensation.

Fertilizer Plant Explosion

The investigation into the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion has yet to be completed, but industrial accidents have historically resulted from procedural or managerial errors. Companies that deal with hazardous materials may fail to comply with federal or state safety standards regarding the storage, handling, or transportation of such materials. There may be inadequate facilities available to deal with emergencies, including fires and chemical leaks. Employees may not be properly trained to handle the materials or to deal with emergencies that my arise. In some cases, contracting firms may be partly responsible for what has occurred on the premises of the parent company. In such cases, the company and its contractors may both be deemed responsible for the accident and, because of this, may be financially liable for damages.

In the wake of the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion, the primary concern should be in assisting those who have been injured or otherwise directly affected by the disaster. Blast injuries can be catastrophic and can leave the victims permanently disabled. Burns can be exceptionally painful and may require skin grafts and lengthy hospital stays. Exposure to dangerous chemicals can have long-term affects on the body, leading to diseases later in life. It is the victims of these types of accidents and injuries who are most in need of a Texas personal injury and industrial accident attorney.

Personal injury cases go beyond the need for compensation to cover medical costs. Those who are injured may be unable to work and, thus, unable to provide for themselves and their families. A personal injury claim can help satisfy these needs. The families of the victims will also have to deal with the hardships related to the injuries, while the victims themselves may have to cope with great physical discomfort over a long period of time. These are additional reasons to seek compensation. Many of those who escaped personal harm in the aforementioned explosion have suffered the loss of property, and it is important for these individuals to seek the assistance of a lawyer as soon as possible so that the facts can be properly documented for use in any subsequent legal action.

In the event that an entire community suffers from the effects of a single disaster—precisely what occurred in West—the victims can consider a class action lawsuit for the purpose of obtaining compensation for everyone involved. Personal injury attorneys can help coordinate such forms of legal action to assure that compensation is awarded fairly to every victim.

Even in such tragedies as the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, a personal injury case may not be easily resolved. Lawyers and insurance companies will use various legal tactics to defend their clients and attempt to reduce the sizes of the monetary awards that are being sought. Victims are advised to refrain from making statements to insurance adjusters, which could hamper their ability to obtain proper compensation.

If you have been injured as a result of the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion—or as the result of a similar incident where such an explosion was the cause of your injury or loss—contact a Texas personal injury and industrial accident attorney today. They will do what is necessary to bring your case to a successful conclusion.