Brett Favre News: Brett Favre Claims Memory Loss- Could This Affect Sports Head Injury Lawsuits?

Brett Favre newsFor players of extreme contact sports such as football, the risks of injuries may or may not outweigh the benefits and glory that come with participating in the game. Most recently, news reports have released an interview in which the famed National Football League (NFL) player Brett Favre opened up about his memory complications as a result of spending over two decades on the playing field.

Brett Favre News Includes Claims of Memory Loss

The former star quarterback admitted on ESPN radio that he had recently become concerned about the state of his memory. Brett Favre news accounts indicate that he was sacked 525 times, more than any other quarterback in NFL history.

According to recent Brett Favre news reports, the quarterback also admitted that he felt shocked when he realized he could not remember his daughter playing soccer. His admission about possible memory loss came just a few short days after the St. Louis Rams asked him if he would return to play for the team.

Brett Favre news reports maintain that the player retired from the NFL in 2010, citing the desire to live for many more years, as healthy and as close to a normal life as possible.

NFL Head Injury Lawsuit Settlement

New research pertaining to the effect of repeated head injuries on professional football players has only recently revealed how devastating the injuries can be. As a result, the NFL has come under fire and was named in a lawsuit by former players for allegedly putting individuals in unsafe conditions.

Over 4,500 players have been named as plaintiffs in the case, and the organization has agreed to pay a $765 million settlement, acknowledging that retirees would be eligible for a share of the compensation. However, the payment will depend on how long the player has been active in the organization and the severity of the brain injury.

Studies Indicate CTE in NFL Players

According to a 2009 University of Michigan report, of the 34 former NFL players who have passed and donated their brains to research, 90 percent of them were confirmed to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease.

There is no proof that Bret Favre news reports could conclude the player is suffering from CTE as the condition can only be diagnosed after death. However, according to physicians, those with CTE display symptoms including depression, forgetfulness, impulsivity and suicidal ideation.

Head Injuries are Common Occurrences

Whether you suffer a traumatic brain injury due to the fault of another, whether it be an individual or organization, compensation may be possible. Each situation will vary depending on the circumstances and severity of the injury, but you may be entitled to seek damages if you are diagnosed with a brain injury following a sporting event, automobile collision or a slip and fall on another individual’s property. Each case is different, which is why it is important to contact legal counsel and ask questions regarding your legal rights.

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