Burn Injury Lawyers Note CPSC Issues Firepot Recall

burn injury lawyerA firepot is a wickless outdoor torch that utilizes a jelly-like fuel and is commonly used in backyards to repel mosquitos and provide illumination at night. Several reports have emerged alleging incidents when a firepot exploded and caused second- and third-degree burns to the nearby individuals. Due to the recent claims of injuries, the CPSC issued a voluntary recall of all gel fuel products, and victims may consider working with a firepot burn injury lawyer to recover compensation for their injuries.

CPSC Issues Firepot Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a voluntary recall on September 1, 2011 of all pourable gel fuels. Consumers should also immediately cease using the pourable gel fuel due to the serious risk of burns and flash fire when pourable gel is added to an already burning firepot.

Over two million units are involved in the recall, including different pourable gel fuels sold in one-gallon plastic jugs and one-quart plastic bottles and sold in non-scented and scented forms, priced between $5 and $20 since 2008 by the following companies:

  • Smart Solar Inc. of Oldsmar, FL
  • Real Flame of Racine, WI
  • Pacific Décor Ltd. Of Woodinville, WA
  • Luminosities Inc. (Windflame) of St. Paul, MN
  • Lamplight Farms Inc. of Menomonee Falls, WI
  • Fuel Barons Inc. of Lake Tahoe, NV
  • Sunjel Company (2 Burn Inc.) of Milwaukee
  • Bond Manufacturing of Antioch, CA
  • Bird Brain Inc. of Ypsilanti, MI

According to the CPSC, the pourable gel fuel may unexpectedly ignite and splatter onto nearby objects and people when it is poured into a still-burning firepot. The CPSC is aware of 65 separate incidents that have resulted in two fatalities and 34 injured individuals required hospitalization due to second- and third-degree burns of the legs, arms, hands, chest or face.

Of these 65 incidents, 28 accidents including two fatalities and 37 burn injuries, occurred with fuel gel products manufactured by Napa Home & Garden, which, in June 2011, issued a voluntary recall of its products in cooperation with the CPSC. At the same time, the CPSC issued a statement to alert consumers of the hazards of pourable gel fuels and acknowledged that all pourable gel fuels, regardless of the manufacturer, poses severe and serious flash fire dangers.

Consumers should refrain from replacing the fuel with other flammable materials or attempt to fix or use gel fuel bottles at home. Additionally, the CPSC has acknowledged that retails should cease sale of existing inventory and immediately remove all pourable gel fuel products from shelves.

Firepot Lawsuits Emerge

product liability claim filed by a burn injury lawyer may seek to hold the manufacturer of the product responsible for failing to adequately warn the consumers of the potential dangers and hazards of the product. Additionally, several plaintiffs have alleged that the warning label, which serves to alert the user to the danger of adding more fuel while the firepot is still lit, is located on a piece of outer packaging material that is commonly thrown away.

Families and victims who have suffered injuries caused by gel fuel or an exploding firepot may be entitled to work with a firepot burn injury lawyer and seek compensation from the manufacturers. Court records show that firepot lawsuits have already been filed across the U.S. on behalf of victims as young as three years of age.

One manufacturer facing lawsuits, Napa Home & Garden, advertised its firepots as “Planet Safe and People Safe.” However, as much as 90 percent of the pourable fuel gel is comprised of an extremely volatile and flammable liquid, ethyl alcohol. According to allegations, the flame in the firepot is nearly invisible and may lead consumers to believe that the flame is out although it may still be burning. However, when consumers attempt to refuel the pot, the invisible flame has the potential to ignite the fuel canister and cause a massive explosion.

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