Children and Pesticides: Autism Linked to Common Household Chemicals

Product liability attorneys note a 2014 study of children and pesticides, in particular pyrethroids, which suggests a link to possible brain development issues, including autism spectrum disorder. With American’s increasing exposure to these chemicals, as well as the particular vulnerability of children to be harmed from these pesticides, affected families should consider the advice of a product liability attorney to learn more about their legal rights.

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What are Pyrethroids?

Pyrethroids are chemical pesticides that were developed to replace now-banned chemicals in insecticides and other products. They are now found in many common household insecticides, including sprays, foggers, and products targeting ants, fleas, mosquitos, moths, hair lice, and fleas on animals.

Americans’ Pyrethroid Exposure Has Doubled Since 2001

According to a study published by UC Davis in 2014, since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) phased out the use of older pesticides in 2001, Americans’ pyrethroid exposure has doubled, increasing almost 200% during this time. Despite data on pyrethroids from 2011, which prompted the EPA to declare that children would not be harmed by exposure to the pesticides, results of the 2014 study showed that pyrethroid exposure might be linked to cognitive problems in children. Pregnant women who were exposed to these chemicals were also put at greater risk.

Children Are More Vulnerable To Injury

Children are in a higher risk category when it comes to chemical pesticides because they have higher exposures per pound of body weight, and their livers can’t detoxify chemicals as quickly as adults. The 2014 study showed that pyrethroid exposure can increase the risk of autism spectrum disorder and other cognitive problems in children.

The EPA is currently reviewing pyrethroids and will do a human-risk assessment as part of that review, but a published draft of that assessment is not expected until September 2016.

Affected Families May Be Entitled to Compensation

Parents of children who were exposed to pyrethroids and developed autism spectrum disorder, cognitive disorders, or suffered other injuries may be entitled to compensation on behalf of their child. Makers of chemical pesticides have a duty to sell products that are free from defects and that are not unreasonably dangerous. If a product poses a risk of serious injury, the manufacturer must provide adequate warnings of the danger. Failure to do this can make the manufacturer legally responsible for injuries caused by the product, and people harmed may be entitled to compensation, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Caretaking expenses

People who have sustained injuries caused by a product are encouraged to seek legal counsel from a qualified product liability lawyer.

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