Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against ‘Tax Relief Experts’ After Allegedly Misleading Customers

Wall & Associates, Inc., a Virginia-based tax debt settlement service, has once again found itself the subject of a lawsuit for allegedly misleading customers about its services.

The lawsuit was filed on September 25, 2018, just one year after a similar lawsuit filed by the Attorney General of Virginia. The lawsuit alleges that Wall & Associates offers tax relief services to vulnerable consumers who are desperate to alleviate their federal and state tax debts. Rather than providing real help, though, the Plaintiff’s claim that Wall & Associates uses ill-trained and highly unqualified ‘tax experts’ to make non-substantive phone calls on the customers behalf that do little, if nothing, to relieve their tax debts.

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Tax Relief Experts

Tax debt relief companies such as Wall & Associates, Inc. often market their services as ‘tax experts and consultants’ who can help customers reduce their tax debts with the IRS. They offer to represent the customer, negotiate with the IRS on their behalf, and perform tax preparation services, among others.

While some tax debt relief services are legitimate, providing valid and valuable help, many are nothing more than a sham.

One of the biggest differences between a legitimate tax relief service and a fraud is the cost. The most fraudulent tax relief services often charge a large, upfront fee, sometimes upwards of $10,000, followed by continuous monthly payments. They may even encourage you to borrow the fee from friends or family, if you need to. Then, only after the initial fee is paid, do they reveal the limitations of their services. A legitimate tax relief service will require a small payment up front and take the rest of their fee only after they’ve helped resolve or lessen your tax burdens.

Unfortunately, many consumers, desperate for relief and answers, are convinced by the sham ‘tax experts’ and willingly pay whatever money they have left to these companies, only to lose it all and get nothing in return.


Class-Action Lawsuit

The recent class-action suit filed in Virginia alleges multiple counts of fraud, as well as misrepresentation and misleading statements by Wall & Associates.

The Plaintiff’s, a couple from Virginia, claims that they paid Wall & Associates an initial non-refundable fee of $20,000, a monthly fee of $750, and entered into a contract stating that they would give Wall 10% of any tax savings they received.

After the non-refundable fee was paid, Wall disclosed that they do not actually provide tax preparation services and proceeded to pass the Plaintiff’s file from one unqualified employee to another. The Plaintiffs were repeatedly asked for documents which had nothing to do with their tax debt, apparently a ruse from Wall & Associates to make it look like they were doing substantial work on their behalf.

This went on for several years and eventually resulted in the IRS filing a lawsuit against the Plaintiff’s. Despite promising to represent the Plaintiff’s in the lawsuit, Wall & Associates allegedly allowed the lawsuit to go into default, resulting in a default judgment against the Plaintiff’s.

The Plaintiff’s, according to the lawsuit, are only one of many who had a similar experience with Wall & Associates, Inc.

How A Lawsuit Can Help

Consumers who have suffered damages and financial losses due to a tax relief companies’ alleged deceit may be entitled to compensation.

Federal and state laws have strict guidelines for the operations of tax relief companies and offer remedies for consumers who are harmed by their fraudulent and unlawful actions.

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