The Connection Between Lipitor and Type 2 Diabetes

lipitor and type 2 diabetesDoublespeak is a tool often used by marketers and those pushing propaganda to sell an agenda without the public necessary being aware of it. The primary method of employing doublespeak is to flood the reader with confusing language and conflicting points so that they will become confused or draw incorrect assumptions. This technique, whether malicious or otherwise, is behind the lawsuits directed at Pfizer for the warnings on Lipitor.

The warning that came with Lipitor used language such as “disaccharide C12H22011” and “Increases in HbA1c and fast acting serum glucose levels have been reported with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, including Lipitor”. These are actually warnings that relate directly to blood sugar levels; with disaccharide C12H22011 being just plain old table sugar. Why say it like that though? Why not in a way that the average person can decipher?

The Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) brought against Pfizer argues the point that a warning isn’t a warning if the average consumer can’t understand what is being communicated. February of 2012 brought a change in the label, which finally acknowledged that taking Lipitor may result in blood sugar levels changing. At the time of this writing, the labeling still makes no clear mention of the potential link between Lipitor and Type 2 Diabetes even though it is clearly established.

A Link Between Lipitor and Type 2 Diabetes

Lipitor is a type of drug called a statin. Statins lower cholesterol by reducing the blood levels of “bad cholesterol”, or low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is a significant contributor for the development of heart disease. Statins are regularly prescribed to help combat heart disease in patients.

A study as part of the Women’s Health Initiative found statins increased the potential for Type 2 Diabetes in women (Culver AL, Ockene IS, Balasubramanian R, et al. “Statin Use and Risk of Diabetes Mellitus in Postmenopausal Women in the Women’s Health Initiative.” Archives of Internal Medicine, 2012,172(2): pp.144-152.). The Lipitor attorney groups and Plaintiffs in the MDL maintain that there still is no clear language in the Lipitor warning that demonstrates this finding with clarity so that users can make an educated decision regarding their health.

Seeking Assistance For Damages

A Lipitor attorney is necessary with these kinds of MDL pharmaceutical lawsuits to pursue any kind of real resolution for the victim. There are specific channels that a Lipitor attorney will be familiar with to consider your evidence, file the appropriate action, and get you involved in the MDL.

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