Construction Accidents- Your Legal Options Beyond Workers’ Comp

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents and even deaths in the construction industry and other occupations have resulted the need for attorneys to get involved. Workers are often hit by objects at work, fall into trenches, or suffer from any number of other possible work-related accidents. These types of situations happen every day on job sites and the work can be very dangerous, but there are ways to pursue fair compensation if it happens to you, even beyond remedies available to you under workers’ compensation law.

The recent pipeline explosion in Erie, IL is a perfect example. A gas pipeline exploded in a cornfield, causing a large fire and the evacuation of dozens of homes. No workers were injured in this accident but there was great workplace danger for them with the explosion, flames, and hazardous chemicals that were leaking. Local residents were put in danger by the fire as well and could have lost their homes.

An accident like the Erie pipeline explosion and other serious industrial and construction accidents are not uncommon and often require an attorney’s help. Every year, there are thousands of fatal workplace injuries in the U.S. and hundreds of them happen in the construction industry alone. The families of victims who have been fatally injured need attorneys to advise them on what steps to take and what their legal options are.


What is my next step after a construction accident?

Knowing your legal rights and what you may be entitled to after an accident is information that can best be obtained through your attorney’s advice. You may deserve more compensation than you think and should seek the right guidance for your type of claim. Being injured on the job often means you are on the sidelines and unable to handle the footwork necessary for legal action. Your case should be individualized for your needs and your attorney should have your best interest in mind through the whole process.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a workplace injury situation or if you just need legal advice, contact Attorney Group. You should not have to go up against large companies, their attorneys, or an insurance company alone and you do not have to. Getting the right legal representation can leave you more informed about your options, as well as put you in a position to possibly receive compensation for your suffering.

You can get free consultation for your personal situation and any questions you have about an accident or injury. On the job injuries can occur at any given time and the right attorneys can help. You should contact Attorney Group today for any help you may need with your case and get attorneys on your side.