Defects Linked to Decades of Aircraft Crashes, Investigation Shows

aircraft crashesAircraft Crashes Come Under Investigation

A recent investigation has shed light on a variety of aircraft crashes that have occurred over the last fifty years. Over that period, approximately 45,000 were killed in accidents involving private airplanes and helicopters. In the same period, only a tenth of that number were killed in commercial airline accidents. Federal investigators have consistently emphasized the role of pilot error in these aircraft crashes. However, a recent investigation by USA Today uncovered a potentially new narrative about the role of manufacturer defects in private aircraft crashes.

According to the new investigation, manufacturers have allegedly been misleading, ignored and otherwise mishandled a number of known mechanical problems in private aircrafts. In some cases, manufacturers refused to issue recalls related to known problems with their aircraft. Even today, some defective parts are reportedly still in use and continue to threaten lives on an ongoing basis.

Over the years, manufacturers have compensated victims and families with hundreds of millions in legal settlements. However, these cases have received little public attention and federal regulators have reportedly done little, as well. In civil courts around the nation, juries have reportedly found many private aircraft makers liable for a number of tragic and deadly aircraft crashes. Cessna, Mitsubishi and Bell Helicopter are a just a few of the aircraft makers that have been found to contribute to crash deaths.

USA Today’s investigation uncovered evidence of fuel tanks igniting and burning passengers alive after less serious aircraft crashes, accidents that may have been survivable if it weren’t for alleged defects. Other deadly defects include out of control pilot seats, defective helicopter blades and badly designed carburetors, according to the article.

If you or a loved one was harmed or killed in an aircraft crash, you should know your options. As the recent USA Today investigation demonstrates, defects in the aircraft itself could be responsible for your crash, or contributed to injury or death. Whatever the case, consider contacting Attorney Group to help determine if you have a case. If you decide to pursue a claim, we can connect you with experienced affiliated attorneys who can help you through the legal process and hold the appropriate parties responsible for compensation for damages. Contact us today for your free consultation.