Dr. Oz Supplement Lawsuit Alleges Consumer Fraud

A Dr. Oz Supplement lawsuit alleges that customers were duped into buying worthless dietary supplements that were backed with little scientific evidence that they promoted weight loss. The plaintiff claims Dr. Mehmet Oz deceptively promoted the product during his daytime talk show. Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition Inc., manufacturers and distributors of the dietary supplements, and Dr. Oz, a TV personality, are among those named in the lawsuit. Consumer fraud attorneys can help other customers who purchased diet supplements manufactured and distributed by Labrada and promoted by Dr. Oz.

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Lawsuit: Dr. Oz Misrepresented Effectiveness of Diet Supplement

The lawsuit, filed in February 2016, claims that Labrada advertises its supplements as ‘fat loss aids’, and that Dr. Oz promoted the products on his TV show – even referring to one of the supplements as the “revolutionary fat buster” that “could be the magic ingredient that lets you lose weight without diet and exercise.” The plaintiff alleges that no credible scientific evidence supports Labrada and Dr. Oz’s claims about the weight loss supplements.

The products listed in the lawsuit include:

  • Labrada Green Coffee Bean Extract FAT LOSS OPTIMIZER
  • Labrada Garcinia Cambogia DUAL ACTION FAT BUSTER
  • Labrada Raspberry Ketones METABOLIC ENHANCER

The plaintiff claims that she purchased the supplements after seeing them advertised on the Dr. Oz Show. She relied on the representations made on the show as well as the representations made on the product labels. The plaintiff states that she would not have purchased the Labrada products had she known the representations were false and misleading.

The lawsuit asserts claim for negligent misrepresentation, breach of implied and express warranty, and violations of California’s Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Law, and the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have reportedly been cracking down on so-called “miracle pills.” In 2014, Dr. Oz was investigated by the US Senate for allegedly using his nationally syndicated TV show to hype dubious weight-loss products to consumers. Later that year, a marketer who promoted a Green Coffee Bean weight-loss supplement agreed to pay $9 million to settle FTC charges of alleged deceptive marketing.

Affected Consumers May be Entitled to Compensation

When a company engages in false or misleading advertising of its products, or otherwise commits deceptive trade practices, that company could be liable for any damage that result. In the Dr. Oz supplements lawsuit, if the allegations of misrepresentation and false advertising against the company are proven, customers may be able to recover the costs they paid for the supplements along with other damages.

Affected consumers are encouraged to seek the advice of an experienced attorney to learn more about their rights and remedies.

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