Claim: 15 Million T-Mobile Users in Experian Data Breach

A lawsuit claims that an Experian Data Breach lasting over two years affected 15 million T-Mobile customers. Hackers are alleged to have stolen the personal and financial information submitted when customers signed up for service and had their information used in a credit check performed by Experian, one of the major credit reporting agencies. Plaintiffs claim violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as negligence on the part of Experian, and seek relief that includes monetary damages and a requirement that Experian strengthen its data security protocols. Data breach attorneys note that the Experian Data Breach is one of many that have occurred over the past few years.

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Lawsuit: Experian Data Breach “Especially Harmful” to Affected Customers

The data breach, which exposed customers’ social security numbers, drivers’ license numbers, and date of birth, in addition to credit card information, is noted as being “especially harmful.” A news article quoted in the complaint notes that:

Where this breach gets horrific is in terms of the data that was stolen. A credit card is easy to replace if it is compromised in a breach. Not so what was stolen here. A Social Security number, driver’s license number and date of birth are gold to an identity theft criminal and, worse still, that data may not have been encrypted on Experian’s server.

The lawsuit also takes the company to task for its claim to be a “Leader in Data Protection” by noting that it was unable to protect the sensitive personal information provided to it by T-Mobile customers. As a result of the Experian data breach, the lawsuit claims that state Attorney Generals have begun an investigation.

Allegation: Experian Failed to Disclose Breach For Over Two Weeks

The complaint states that, while Experian was aware of the breach as of September 15, 2015, it waited more than two weeks to publicly disclose the breach. Moreover, as of October 29, 2015 it had not included any information about the breach on its website, and it chose to notify potentially affected customers by letter. Some customers may not receive their letter until November 30, 2015, approximately two and a half months after the breach was discovered.

Consumers Affected By Data Breaches May Be Entitled to Compensation

Victims of data breaches may be entitled to receive compensation for any personal information that may have been compromised, and the responsible party may be liable for financial losses resulting from a data breach. Affected consumers should seek legal counsel from a data breach lawsuit attorney to get more information about their rights and remedies.

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