Family Pursues Red Bull Lawsuit After Man Dies

Red Bull Lawsuit

The surviving family of a New York man has filed a wrongful death claim against the manufacturers of Red Bull, alleging that the side effects of the energy beverage caused him to suffer a heart attack that eventually killed the man.

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Red Bull Lawsuit Pending

Filed by the family of Cory Terry, a man from Brooklyn who passed in 2011, the Red Bull lawsuit includes claims that the man suffered a fatal heart attack while playing basketball shortly after drinking a can of Red Bull.

The deceased, according to family members, did not smoke and led an active lifestyle. Medical reports used as evidence in the Red Bull lawsuit report that he passed of idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, or a condition in which the heart simply stops beating.

The Red Bull lawsuit also claims that regular consumption of the energy drink caused his death, and that stimulants in Red Bull are allegedly more dangerous than most consumers realize. In the wrongful death Red Bull lawsuit, the family is seeking $85 million in damages.

Other wrongful death claims have been filed as at least nine deaths related to Red Bull have been reported, according to the Red Bull lawsuit. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has acknowledged that at least 21 adverse event reports associated with the beverage have been filed between 2004 and 2012 and include claims of fatigue, dizziness and chest pains.

Additionally, a class action lawsuit is being filed against Red Bull that includes allegations of false advertising, filed by a consumer who claims that the manufacturer knowingly made misleading claims by suggesting that the energy drink increases mental and physiological performance.

The Red Bull class action lawsuit alleges that the website of the energy drink asserts that there have been several scientific studies in which the drink has successfully stimulated metabolism and increased reaction speed, concentration, performance, and vigilance.

Energy Drinks Under Scrutiny

The pending Red Bull lawsuit comes at a time when energy drinks, as a group, are under close scrutiny by lawmakers and federal regulators, following several deaths and an increasing number of health complications. Products such as Monster, Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy and Rockstar, among similar products, have allegedly avoided FDA regulation by asserting that the beverages are a dietary supplement.

However, according to the FDA, there have been at least 13 deaths linked to 5 Hour Energy Shots and four fatalities from Monster Energy Drinks. Additionally, 13 non-fatal adverse event reports include side effects of Rockstar Energy Drinks.

The Drug Abuse Warning Network submitted a report in January 2013 that acknowledged 20,783 energy drink-related emergency room visits in 2011 alone. Following the death of a 14-year-old girl who passed after drinking two cans of Monster in a 24-hour period, concerns arose over the safety of the products. Her parents have since filed a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that the makers of Monster Energy Drinks negligently promoted high consumption of their products among children and failed to adequately warn about the potential health risks of the drinks.

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