Lawsuit Claims GNC Sold Adulterated Supplements

A GNC supplement lawsuit claims that Pennsylvania-based General Nutrition Corporation (GNC) sold supplements that were adulterated with potentially dangerous ingredients, despite claiming that the products were lawful dietary supplements. The lawsuit alleges that the ingredients at issue, Picamilon and BMPEA, are unlawful for use as dietary supplements in the U.S., and that GNC had knowledge of this fact as early as 2007. Plaintiffs are seeking damages for misrepresentation, design defect and violation of consumer protection laws related to GNC’s sale of allegedly adulterated products.

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GNC Supplement Lawsuit: Unlawful and Dangerous Adulteration

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff filed her suit against GNC

[B]ecause it repeatedly misrepresented that various products GNC sold in numerous stores throughout the United States were lawful dietary supplements when the products were actually adulterated and unlawful because they contained either Picamilon1 or BMPEA, potentially dangerous ingredients that do not meet the legal definition of a dietary ingredient and may not be lawfully used in dietary supplements.

In addition to selling products containing Picamilon and BMPEA, GNC sold products that it knew or should have known had been spiked with BMPEA, without disclosing on the product’s label that the product contained these unlawful ingredients.

According to the complaint, Picamilon is a synthetic chemical designed to cross the blood brain barrier and is a prescription drug used in some countries, but not the United States, to treat various neurological conditions. BMPEA is a synthetic chemical similar to amphetamine that is banned by the World Anti-Doping Organization.

Claim: Dangerous Products in Redline Ultra Hardcore

The particular product that the plaintiff purchased, which he claims was adulterated with the ingredients at issue, was Redline Ultra Hardcore. According to a product website, this supplement is a “fat incinerator,” and the manufacturer claims that it has “developed the most advanced liquid fat incineration innovations in the history of sports and performance nutrition.”

According to the lawsuit, “At no time did GNC or its representatives make known to him that Redline Ultra Hardcore contained ingredients that may not be lawfully used in dietary supplements, specifically Picamilon and BMPEA.”

Affected Consumers May be Entitled to Compensation

When a company fails to disclose dangerous or unlawful ingredients in its products, it could be liable for damages caused to a consumer who purchased the product. As in the GNC supplement lawsuit, the company could be alleged to have violated consumer protection laws, breached contracts with or warranties made to the consumer, or fraudulently induced a customer to buy the product. Affected consumers could be entitled to monetary compensation for any damages they suffer as a result of the company’s action, including a refund of the purchase price and other damages.

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