Good and Bad Personal Injury Attorneys and How to Tell the Difference

The Difference Between Good and Bad Personal Injury Attorneys

While a case may leave a client unsatisfied with the final result, you should still feel as though your personal injury attorneys did everything he could to ensure a fair trial and obtain the most compensation possible.

Unfortunately, however, some law firms do not operate under these principles; some personal injury attorneys feel that a client is no more than that—a client. They believe that the lucrativeness of a given case is the sole motivator for pursuing it, and they more often than not do not care about how a client is feeling throughout the legal process.

How Should Lawyers Interact with Clients?

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To improve or maintain a high satisfaction level among our clients, reliable lawyers treat you with familiarity, honesty, and respect. While a lawyer may not always be readily available, they should return emails and phone calls within a reasonable amount of time. They must also strive to keep you informed of their communication policy, and do their best to stick to it. Good personal injury attorneys realize that your time is valuable as well. A successful lawyer should attempt to be on time for all interactions, as being even five minutes late is disrespectful to you. Additionally, your attorney should actually listen to what you have to say; a client should never feel that the lawyer is too busy for them or too distracted to pay attention when that client’s well-being may hinge on the outcome of their case

Personal injury attorneys who want to maintain client loyalty often personalize interactions with clients; for example, your lawyer may ask how a relative or a family member is doing. This ensures that he is always listening to what you have to say. An attorney should also strive to get a job done in the time frame in which he said he would.

Additionally, great attorneys interact clearly and coherently with their clients, communicating with them in terms that help them understand even the most complex and intense of legal processes. As personal injury attorneys, they must also try to uphold a positive attitude with every case that they handle; even if the matter may be difficult, or if they do not always expect a good result, they should strive to work with you to obtain the most compensation or the best settlement possible.

Many Personal Injury Attorneys Hurt Clients, Intentionally and Unintentionally

Unfortunately, some personal injury attorneys make settlement decisions based solely upon their investment in whatever case they may be representing. In other words, if a lawyer invests heavily in a case and is no longer able to remain objective, it is time to seek legal help elsewhere.

Other personal injury attorneys may cut corners since they are only getting paid if they win a specific case. These personal injury attorneys have enough financial incentive to be “good guys” and perform the bare minimum necessary to squeak by a case.

Some personal injury attorneys make the faux pas of settling when they should go to court, or going to court when they should actually settle. In some instances, the only way a lawyer can make a name for himself is to go to court and settle a large case; some attorneys are so desperate for that chance that they may advise you to take a great settlement offer. On the other hand, an attorney may be too shy to go up against other big name personal injury attorneys and, as a result, may recommend you take a mediocre settlement out of fear of a big trial when, in reality, you were owed much more.

One of the worst decisions that personal injury attorneys can make is that they avoid consulting experts in a case simply because they cost too much. They also might not spend enough time preparing these experts for trial. If a lawyer does not properly consult with experts, then the case will most likely be thrown out as courts do not appreciate junk science or circumstances that cannot be proven by statistics or evidence.

Seek Counsel from Professional and Caring Attorneys

If you are looking to develop a close relationship with a lawyer, one whose eyes are not simply set on dollar signs, look no further than Attorney Group. Our affiliated personal injury attorneys care about the clientele they take on. You will never need to worry about being lied to or thrown around simply because we only care about our own investments; you are our number one priority, and without you, we would never be able to operate. Contact us today.