Industrial Accident Lawyer Notes: Chevron Gives Free Pizza After Fracking Explosion

Industrial accident lawyerAccording to media reports, Chevron dispensed 100 gift certificates for soft drinks and pizza to those in a part of Greene County Pennsylvania where a fracking explosion on February 11, 2014 ignited a fire that burned for four days. The corporation’s order of gift certificates was confirmed by a Bobtown Pizza employee. The fracturing well exploded and killed a worker, leaving many residents to wonder whether this gesture was appropriate for such a serious incident.

Industrial Accident Lawyer

Consider seeking legal counsel from an industrial accident lawyer if you or a loved one has been injured in a fracking explosion or industrial accident. Attorney Group can help you to determine if you have a claim and connect you with an industrial accident lawyer who can help you to recover compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages.

Free Pizza after Fracking Explosion

The flames that billowed out of the natural gas well caused a nearby propane truck to explode, leaving first responders helpless as they were unable to advance to the site without placing themselves at risk for injury. Although the fire is currently out after having burned for four days, Chevron has tanks of water close by in case of a reigniting. According to a 911 emergency coordinator, the cause of the explosion is still unknown. The blast injured one worker and killed another, and although the fire is no longer burning, heat and gas are still being emitted into the atmosphere. However, Chevron’s edible outreach has not been popular among some recipients.

In fact, one resident claimed that it was the first and last time he had heard from the company regarding the incident and that the $12 gift certificate felt like “a huge slap in the face.” Chevron is accused of failing to address the issue, but the company stated that the corporation offered this token of appreciation to residents who were adversely affected by the fracking explosion.

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Although some residents are taking the gift certificate without further questioning the company, others feel as though a large pie and a two liter of soda are simply not enough to make up for the damage and aftermath of the fracking explosion. Although no lawsuits have been filed against the company by an industrial accident lawyer as of yet, residents who have suffered damages as a result of the fracking explosion may consider consulting with an industrial accident lawyer to learn more about their legal rights.

Because the oil and gas industry is both diverse and large, the potential for a variety of injuries is extremely high. Refineries and plants are dangerous workplaces. Catastrophic accidents can occur if employees are improperly trained, if equipment is poorly maintained or outdated or if safety policies are violated. Accidents can also result due to constantly changing conditions with power tools, heavy equipment, ladders, scaffolds, electrical equipment and temporary barriers as well as work vehicles including trucks, forklifts and cranes.

If you or a loved one have recently been involved in a fracking explosion or other plant or chemical accident and you suffered from injuries or property damage as a result of the incident, you are encouraged to seek legal counsel from an industrial accident lawyer to help you seek appropriate compensation for your unique situation. In many cases, companies will attempt to offer you a settlement that is simply too low or one that will not suffice for your particular situation; an industrial accident lawyer can review your case and help you to recover the damages and the compensation to which you are entitled.

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