Study: Statins May Prevent Kidney and Heart Disease Combo

According to a recent study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, almost everyone with pre-dialysis kidney disease should take statin medications by the current guidelines. Results from the study indicated that there may be a link between kidney and heart disease and that the former could increase the risk of the latter. As a result, individuals should take preventative measures such as maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Two management guidelines were published in 2013 for cholesterol management, one by the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes Lipid Work Group and the other by the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association. According to the ACC/AHA guidelines, individuals with a high stroke and heart disease risk based on high cholesterol, diabetes, or a history of cardiovascular problems should participate in some form of statin treatment. The KDIGO guidelines recommend statin treatment for those between the agkidney and heart diseasees of 50 and 79 with chronic kidney disease.

Prevention at a Greater Risk?

However, what has raised concerns among several members of the community is the potential link between statin medications and an increased risk of diabetes. Lipitor, one of the most well-known statin medications, is prescribed to help lower bad cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of kidney and heart disease, but a study published in January 2012 in the Archives of Internal Medicine reportedly found that women between the ages of 50 and 79 who took statins were almost twice as likely to develop diabetes than those who did not take the drug. Three other studies found that:

  • Patients were nine percent more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes (Lancet study in 2011)
  • Patients were 37 percent more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes (JACC study in 2010)
  • Patients were more likely to develop diabetes even without preexisting health conditions (Atherosclerosis study in 2010)

As a result of the potential for Type 2 diabetes patients taking Lipitor, several patients have stepped forward to pursue claims against Pfizer Inc. to seek compensation for their injuries. According to plaintiffs, the manufacturer was aware of the possible side effects and released it into the U.S. market without warning of the Type 2 diabetes risk.

Have You Taken Lipitor and Now Suffer from Type 2 Diabetes?

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