Hidden Health Problems: Latent Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident

When you are in a car accident, you can sustain a number of different injuries. In fact, many injuries sustained as a result of a car accident may not even show up until weeks or months after the accident. This can cause serious problems. In order to help you navigate through the complicated problems that can arise from a car accident and to give you professional counsel, you can contact Attorney Group. We work with experienced attorneys who offer free case evaluations. Often, you can meet with a local attorney that is experienced with your type of case.

Brain Damage

One common car accident injury is brain damage, or traumatic brain injury (TBI). This is a serious problem that can occur when you are in a car crash. If your head strikes against a hard surface, you could sustain brain damage. For instance, if you are in a car crash, and your head hits the dashboard, then there is a possibility you will suffer a traumatic brain injury.


If your traumatic brain injury is severe, then symptoms will be obvious and occur immediately after the car or auto accident. Treatment can be given quickly for this. However, if you have mild brain damage, you may have no idea you’ve even suffered a brain injury for days or even weeks. Even a CT scan may not find the minor damage that you have suffered.


The problem with this is the fact that if brain damage is not treated promptly, the effects can worsen over time. This is why you may not suffer symptoms of this problem until a couple of weeks have passed. If you get into a car or semi-truck accident, you need to make sure you have more than X-rays or a CT scan done. An MRI can give a clear picture of most damage to soft tissues like your brain.


Another common type of car accident injury that may not surface until a few days have passed is whiplash. It causes damage to components of the spinal cord. This problem affects the tissues of the neck, and it can even cause the vertebrae of the neck to rotate out of place or become misaligned. Muscles and ligaments may be damaged by the force of the crash and how violently your head whips back. Other possible damage caused by whiplash due to a car or semi-truck accident includes herniated discs.


Many of the symptoms of whiplash may not surface until several days or weeks after the accident. Certain types of spinal injuries such as disc tearing or misalignment of the spine may not hurt at first but, as time passes, the injuries will start to worsen if they are not properly treated. This can be very bad for your muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae. The general health of that portion of your spine could deteriorate without the right treatment. Going to a chiropractor can help fix misaligned vertebrae, and a physician can help care for other problems.

Emotional Issues

Physical problems are not the only type of trouble you can suffer when you are in a car accident. You may also suffer from emotional problems, some as serious as post-traumatic stress disorder. These issues may not develop until weeks or months after the wreck. Symptoms of emotional trauma include anxiety and depression.

If you suffer from any latent injuries due to a car wreck, you should contact Attorney Group. They can help you find a local attorney who can give you the legal counsel that you need, and they can help guide you through any complex legal processes to help you get what you need and what you deserve.